Marine vendors in Singapore

Over the course of working on my various boat maintenance and overhaul tasks, I’ve interacted with quite a few marine, hardware, and other vendors here in Singapore.  Partly for my own edification, but also because I’m often running into people looking for similar stuff, I’ve decided to keep a list of vendors in Singapore I like.

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There is one other list I know of, which is quite good and has informed some of my own quests for parts or hardware.

General services

Johnny Lim
8 Clementi Crescent
Variety of services and supplies; refills LPG tanks.  I also bought new batteries from him.

North American Boat Services Pte Ltd
10 Tuas West Drive
Raffles Marina
This is a sister company to Asia Pacific Superyachts.  Jeff is an American with a lot of knowledge; I’ve learned quite a bit from him whenever I’ve had him over to look at my boat.

Swift Marine Services
150 Cecil Street #15-01
98395371 (Bill)
Marine contractors focused on yachting.  I run into Bill, David, and others from their staff often at One 15 Marina and they’re friendly.  Their labor costs are a bit expensive and getting a quote from them can require some pushing.

Summit Marine System
7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 #02-38
93822720 (Alex Yip)
I have no experience with them but they were recommended to me by a friend.


Marintech Marketing
101 Kitchener Road #02-14
Jalan Besar Plaza
Probably the best chandlery in Singapore.  Lots of sailing hardware, and does West Marine orders.  Well stocked, knowledgeable, and helpful.  They have gotten a lot of business from me and I have been very happy with all of it.

ING Marine Singapore
Block 25 Jalan Bersah #01-118
Focused mainly on larger hardware, engine panels, steering, etc.  Friendly staff whenever I’ve been there.

Marina Bahari Raya Pte Ltd
One 15 Marina Club 11 Cove Drive #01-15
Sentosa Cove
Chandlery at One 15 Marina (where my boat is).  Useful in a pinch but generally kind of expensive.

Tan Ban Yau Machinery Pte Ltd
1 Kim Chuan Lane
Quite a variety of stuff available; some of it is well priced, others not so much.  Email them to see if they can get what you want.

Rigging, rope, deck hardware

Keng Wah Hardware Co Pte Ltd
Block 1 Maude Road #01-36/38
63924896 (Warehouse)
62980818 (Maude Road office)
I have bought anchor rode, 316 SS hardware, and polyester ribbon from here.  Helpful, okay prices, and pretty quick turnaround.  (They had to send to their warehouse for the anchor rode but had it ready the next day.)  They also sell all kinds of rigging wire, rope, and various general deck hardware.


Eng Lee Machinery Pte Ltd
633 Veerasamy Road #01-126
Rowell Court
Distributor of all kinds of Perkins engine parts.  Mr. Loo is very friendly and was able to find an obscure part for my 40-year old engine in less than 5 minutes.

Mass Technologies Pte Ltd
7 Bukit Batok Street 22
Sells various 3M products; in particular I bought oil absorbent pads from them.  They will deliver to One 15 Marina.

Asia Diesel Service Co.
12 Sam Leong Road
Was able to get me a specific Fram oil filter within an hour; but definitely overcharged.

Marine electrical

Best Marine Electrical
61 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 #03-17
Shun Li Industrial Park
Seller of BEP Marine electrical components at very good prices.  Neo is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.  I bought new AC/DC panels and various other electrical components from him and was very impressed with his work.

Tripower Corporation Pte Ltd
52 West Coast Ferry Road
I have bought some good components from these guys — battery chargers, echo~charger, etc.  Also sells refrigeration, air conditioning, and lots of other stuff.

Far East Motors Pte Ltd
2  Jalan Pesawat
Seller of Prestolite alternators.  I was able to get an alternator from them for a pretty reasonable price, ordered from the UK, where other vendors were trying to charge me thousands of dollars.

Eri Motor Services Pte Ltd
15 Pandan Loop, Block P #01-135
Specializes in alternators and starter motors.  Helped me put a pulley on my new alternator for free.

Marine and other electronics

45 Kallang Pudding Road #09-09
Alpha Building
Very friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable and lots of good stuff in stock.  I’ve bought a chartplotter, an anemometer, a radar scanner, and a radar mount from Peter, who is quite helpful.

1 Rochor Canal Road #02-42
Sim Lim Square
Specializes in marine electronics.

10 Jalan Besar #B1-22
Sim Lim Tower
Specializes in marine electronics, radios, etc.

Blazer Electronic Centre
10 Jalan Besar #B1-17
Sim Lim Tower
Specializes in marine electronics, radios, etc.  Really good prices on some ICOM stuff.

Unicell International Pte Ltd
1 Rochor Canal Road #02-41
Sim Lim Square
I have bought DC/DC converters here for stuff like my laptop.

Convert and Invert Electrical Supply
10 Jalan Besar #B1-34
Sim Lim Tower
Inverters and various other large-ish electrical components.  Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Wires, terminals, lugs

Lian Electrical Trading
Block 29 Kelantan Road #01-113
The only convenient source I’ve found for low-gauge wires.

Kaichin Computer Systems Pte Ltd
10 Jalan Besar #03-07/08
Sim Lim Tower
Good source for lugs and terminals.  Also full of the usual variety of other electrical stuff you’ll find in many of the shops in Sim Lim Tower.

Suntronics Pte Ltd
10 Jalan Besar #03-30
Sim Lim Tower
Only shop I found in Singapore that knew what an insulated DC post was.  Good place to start for other random parts like terminal strips, bus bars, etc.

B & Lee Electronics Pte Ltd
10 Jalan Besar #03-35
Sim Lim Tower
Coaxial cables, BNC/TNC connectors, etc.


133 Kitchener Road
All kinds of piping and pipe fittings.

Chop Eng Bee
Block 31 Kelantan Lane #01-24
Various pipe fittings, including both NPT and BSP brass fittings.

Chuan Hup Huat
Block 809 French Road #01-184
Various pipe fittings, including both NPT and BSP brass fittings, and all sorts of hoses.

Wood products

Ginnacle Import-Export Pte Ltd
7500A Beach Road #05-318
The Plaza
Bob imports beautiful Burmese teak.  He is one of the friendliest vendors I’ve met in Singapore.  His warehouse is way up in Sungei Kadut but it’s worth the trip.

Ban Heng Long Trading
11 Syed Alwi Road #01-07
Teck Heng Long Ind. Bldg.
Cheap scrap wood, good moldings, wood screws, etc.  Not a huge selection but not bad either.

Lumbermart Pte Ltd
23 Genting Road #01-05
Chevalier House
Mainly a flooring contractor but they do stock some teak and other hardwoods in various sizes and are very friendly and helpful.

StyleLine Pte Ltd
123/125 Kitchener Road
Again, mainly a flooring contractor specializing in bamboo.  Not a very traditional boat material but can be quite nice in certain uses.  Staff is very friendly and helpful and may be able to source other woods in small sizes.

Singapore Interior Pte Ltd
72 Bendemeer Road #03-26/27
This is mainly an office furniture and interior decoration contractor but they do have some carpentry capabilities.


Garlin Pte Ltd
Block 101 Towner Road #01-220/222
Various gasket materials.  Also has spare scraps of rubber in various thicknesses for S$1.

Royal Star Plastic Services
11 Syed Alwi Road #02-04
Teck Heng Long Ind. Bldg.
Has facilities for cutting various plastics, and sells sheets of acrylic, polycarbonate, etc.  I have brought measurements for new polycarbonate dodger windows here with very nice results.


Hup Seng Metal Pte Ltd
409 Tagore Industrial Avenue
These guys mainly specialize in bending.  I had them bend a new pedestal guard.  Price was very good and they were quick.  They are responsive and helpful, and according to Keith they can do minor welding as well.

Screws, bolts, fasteners

Central Engineering Pte Ltd
113-115 Tyrwhitt Road
I’ve been able to find some very specific SS fasteners here that were not available elsewhere, even Poey Huat.

Poey Huat Hardware (S) Pte Ltd
Block 31 Kelantan Lane #01-20
I have bought some fairly obscure fasteners from here, including some screws with US threads, which the staff was able to identify and find with ease.

Power tools

Yew Aik (S) Pte Ltd
101 Kitchener Road #01-15
Jalan Besar Plaza
Probably overpriced, but has a good inventory.

Hup Hong Machinery (S) Pte Ltd
101 Kitchener Road #01-12/14
Jalan Besar Plaza

Other stuff

Art Friend Pte Ltd
Blk 231 Bain Street #03-33
Awesome art supply store with a lot of good miscellaneous stuff. For example, I bought some big blocks of foam to carve a mold for a part. And, pretty decent prices.

Diver Airman
Blk 1014 Geylang East Ave 3 #02-174
Best central-ish place to get a dive tank filled. Cheap, and will fill the tank immediately; other dive shops take your tank, send it to this guy anyway, and charge you more.

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  3. Barry

    Hi Kris
    I’ve been reading your blog for over the last few months..good job sounds like you having lots of fun. I am going to be in Singapore between 29 April and 09 May and would to come and see what you getting up to.
    I am looking at possibly moving to Singapore for a short term (1-2 year stay) stint and would like to know a expat take on life abroad and aboard in Singapore.
    Would you be interested in making yourself available for a visit?

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  5. Chae Yew Chuen

    Hi Kris,

    i being following you blog for quite a while and find it interesting to read and follow. I had interest to move to a boat and like to seek your advice on this matter. especially things like initial cost of Oia.

  6. nick paul-vernon turner

    Kris u still here in one degree?

    Nick & Alice
    ‘Gitana’ P37 (ketch next to Walter)

  7. Laurent

    Hello Kris

    We are actually in Langkawi and plan to stop to Singapore on the way to Pacific ocean.
    Do you know a place to buy Hi tensil galvanized Short Link chain ?
    Here in Malaysia, it is so hard to find very good chain.
    Thank you for you answer.

    • Laurent — I suggest checking with Marintech and Keng Wah (both on my list) as they are where I’ve bought chain. Not very sure about the short link chain, depending on how short you need, but if you contact them in advance I’m sure they can tell you. Cheers -Kris

  8. Francisco Goncalves

    Good morning from Indonesia. My sailboat (B-Windi) is moored in Bali and as you may know it is difficult to find sailing boat parts in Bali. I need 3 and 5 amp fuses “U” shape part number 05 02 12154 made in Netherlands. Do you by chance know where I can purchase these in Singapore? I will be passing by Singapore on this 14th and could easely make my way to a shop if I new which one… You help would be apprecited. Regards Francisco

    • I suspect I’m a bit too late in responding, but if you happen to be in Singapore again, Sim Lim Tower is the best place to poke around for random electrical parts. Specific part numbers can be extremely hard to find though.

  9. Hi, our company Oceanic Link Pte Ltd manufactures and represents a very comprehensive range of Yacht coatings and paint related materials. We are also the master distributors for Sikaflex marine sealants in Singapore and Malaysia. For tropical hardwood such as Balau, Merbau, Burmese Teak for deck planking, we are able to provide great offers too. FYI only.

  10. howard moon

    just found your blog and hoped you might be abe to tell me if anyone in Singapore stocks Deksolje #1 and if they might be able to send a litre to Sabah, East Malaysia

  11. yessi


    I am yessi. I am building a boat in indonesia now. I am using all silicon bronze fasteners.
    I need silicon bronze flat washer. I have resourced it from USA. However I need more than what i have now.
    I am.flying to.singapore on tuesday. Do you know where i can get it?


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