trex hidden fasteners vs screws

Place the Cortex engineered plug into the hole with the deck surface side up. THE UNIVERSAL FASTENER. • All decking products are approved for use with Trex Hideaway Hidden Fasteners, thus all decking products can be routed according to our instructions. Get it Wed, Dec 2 - Fri, Dec 4. A: The Trex Hideaway hidden fastener has only one 1 5/8th “ screw to drive in and auto spaces the deck boards. For use with XLM, Earthwood Evolutions, Twin Finish and Azek grooved deck boards. Some Trex recommended deck fasteners are compatible with screw guns. Dual screw guides fasten both sides of board with single tool placement. We Update Weekly & It’s All Completely FREE. Trex Hideaway hidden deck fasteners are also designed to work with the Trex Steel Frame System. The EB-TY® Premium Hidden Deck-Fastening System™ is the ideal solution that blends strength with ease of installation in a fastener that won't detract from the deck's finished appearance. Products we offer include Deckfast Screws, Mantis Clips, TrapEase deck screws and more. Screw in the deck screws all the way until the Camo bit can’t go any more. I am building a deck about 27'x16' that's 27" above the ground. Trex Hideaway Hidden Deck Fastening System: This ¼” self-spacing connector clip with 1-5/8” screws is designed to install between Trex grooved composite decking boards. While the advancements in screw technology have improved their ability to be installed without stripping, screws can still be difficult to work with – especially with composite deck installations. Get Notified About New Articles, GREAT DEALS on Home Goods, Videos & Product Reviews. Check with the manufacturer for approved screws or clips before installation. EasyGo Deck Board Bending Bow Straightening Tool, What Paint Sheen To Use: Our Guide to Interior Paint Finishes. Any small investment in additional framing material will be well worth the increased stability you’ll experience for the lifetime of the deck. Easy to use and affordable. You can purchase a groove cutter to router a slot on the side of solid composite deck board edges. Strongly attach your first and last composite deck board without having to flaw or blemish your deck surface by face-fastening them down with the versatile starter L-Bracket. Which screw length and type is best for my project? Generally though, 1-1/2" penetration into the floor framing is desired. Once both screws are installed squeeze the handle and release the clamp. Using universal hidden fasteners makes for a deck with a smoother surface. Shop hidden fasteners and a variety of hardware products online at To learn more about selecting the right hidden fasteners for your specific needs, call us toll-free at 888-349-4660 or send an e-mail to We’d love to hear from you. The ½” thick DuraLife fascia boards should then be installed below the decking boards and fastened to the outer rim joists using #8 x 2” stainless steel capped composite deck screws or #9 x 1-7/8” fascia screws (similar to the Starborn Deckfast Fascia System). A Groove Cutter is available for use on non-grooved boards that allows for a groove to be routed that accommodates Trex Hideaway Hidden Fasteners. $44.99 $ 44. Make sure when installing deck boards you push hard to maintain an even deck spacing. Trex vs Timbertech – Fasteners Both Trex and Timbertech come in either a solid edge or grooved design. The insert firmly holds decking to joists for a prolonged hold-down. Here are a few deck wrenches we use and recommend. Manufactured as a biscuit style deck fastener, the Ipe clip fits into the board’s edge side slots. Tigerclaw makes a pneumatic gun for installing TC-G clips. ©2020 DuraLife® Decking & Railing Systems. 1-888-824-5316 Push the Ipe clip all the way into the groove. It will be framed out of pressure-treated lumber. They leave a nice clean finish without ugly screw heads showing all over the place. FastenMaster Cortex Hidden Fasteners -Trex Transcend Spiced Rum 100 Lin.ft. • All decking products are approved for use with Trex Hideaway Hidden Fasteners, thus all decking products can be routed according to our instructions. For use with treated, hardwood, cedar, composite and PVC deck boards. Hidden deck fasteners are a nice way to keep the surface of your deck looking clear and unencumbered. If you are looking for the best Trex deck fasteners or Trex deck screws … Fasten with trim-head screw (included) through the EB-TY and deck board and into the joist. The “wings” on each CONCEALoc Fastener insert into side grooves in adjoining Deck Boards. This screw is collated and can be used with Muro Auto Feed Screw Gun FDVL41 Speed Driver. No more splits in natural wood, mushrooming in composite, with SplitStop screws. Rather than installing screws through the top of every deck board, clips are first attached to the framing boards and the decking is then attached to the clips. Hidden Fasteners vs Deck Screws Ultimately with so many variables to consider, one is bound to see a wide variety of opinions on the topic of face screws versus Ipe clip hidden fasteners. The clips are super easy to use, extremely versatile and come with starter and edge clips for a super clean finish. Trex Hideaway Hidden Fastening System In pursuit of the perfect deck, all Trex® decking lines come with a hidden installation option. You can purchase stainless steel or coated screws in 1-7/8″ for 5/4 decking and 2-3/8″ for 2×6 decking. CONCEALoc fasteners come with a 25-year limited warranty. The Cortex Hidden Fastening System is the fastest, easiest way to hide fasteners in composite, wood, and PVC decking boards. For a smooth, fastener-free deck surface, use Fiberon For a smooth, fastener-free deck surface, use Fiberon ArmorGuard Hidden Fasteners with grooved deck boards. Helps keep deck boards straight and even. The 90 pack of TC-G clips include the fasteners, stainless steel screws, and a square drive bit, while the 900 pail of Tiger Claw TC-G includes only the fasteners and is meant to be used with Collated Pneumatic Screws and the Tiger Claw Pneumatic Gun for quick installation of larger outdoor projects. Position the jig over the joist and release the handle. (sold separately). Find Trex hidden fasteners at Lowe's today. gap is fast and trouble free. • Simpson Strong-Tie Deck Drive DCU Composite Screw … Only 1 left in stock - order soon. It is stain and fade resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and is available in the colors and deck railing options you want. Trex offers several types of hidden fastening systems to fit your deck plans for a fastener-free deck surface. First, install the clip against the house with a screw. With so many great options and styles to choose from when building a deck, choosing the right fastener is an important decision. This improper installation method allows dirt & moisture to be trapped in the gap between the fascia and decking and often causes the fascia to eventually warp or pull away from the outer rim joist. Install the first and last row 1" from board ends, tack the fascia board into place using a few Cortex Fascia screws and leave the heads slightly raised. Some deck projects require the stronger fastening power of face screws. Decks Installing Composite Decking throughout measurements 2144 X 1424. The finished look is virtually invisible. All Trex® decking collections are compatible with this hidden installation option, promising a clean finish no matter your design style. Cam locks in place for true hands free “one man” operation. Deck boards (including perimeter boards used for picture-framing) should be installed so they extend past the outer rim joists by less than 2” lengthwise and 1” width wise. 1 Box covers 50 square feet and … Trex Hideaway Start Clips 36 pc for 400 sq. eckerman. Give this jig to any laborer and they’ll be able to lay perfect deck boards all day long. 4.7 out of 5 stars 128. Trex Deck Fasteners Vs Screws – You’re all comfortable in your favorite lounge chair, reading your latest novel … You can also router the edges of solid deck boards yourself to create a slot that accepts hidden deck fasteners. Comes with a 25-year warranty. Install first board by applying construction adhesive and screwing and countersinking directly into the face of the deck board and into the joist; glue a decking plug in the hole. Preset stainless steel screw … Repeat Steps 2 and 3 and install last board using Step 1. You won’t be able to use the Marksmen Pro to secure the first board, which is against the house, because there isn’t enough room for the jig to fit. This is actually a system consisting of a Cortex screw and a color-matched plug made from Fiberon decking material. Get samples of DuraLife composite decking and have them shipped directly to your door. Provides greater holding power and increased pullover resistance, Stainless-steel plate ensures lasting durability in demanding environments, The patented arc shape of the EB-TY also helps ease insertion—works with pregrooved and biscuit-cut slots, Chamfered edges for easier board alignment and installation of successive boards, 3/16″ and 1/4″ spacings offer expansion compensation, Ensures direct attachment of the board to the joist, Keeps the board from “walking” or sliding, Protection from direct exposure to sun and rain, Visually more appealing after installation. Drive a screw on a 45 degree angle through the lower edge of the groove and into the joist. Trex universal fasteners feature a stainless steel screw already set in the … Traditional square edge boards require traditional deck screws for installation; however, using a Trex ® groove cutter routes the necessary underside groove into any traditional board to accommodate our hidden deck fastening system. The benefit of grooving your own boards is that you can make the groove however you like. The tool features a unique nose piece that holds clips in the correct position every time, firing a screw nail (scrail) through the clip into the joist – fastening the deck board to the joist in one step. This Bow tool takes out the bow so you can make a nice clean deck with boards space matching. Trex Deck Fasteners Vs Screws – You’re all comfortable in your favorite lounge chair, reading your latest novel having a cool beverage nearby…the aroma of your favorite BBQ drifting in the grill teases everyone…catching a number of rays of sunshine never felt better. Two screws per joist medium, Cortex hidden deck fastening system concrete footers if they are the! Economical, Versatile and lifetime Warranted Solution to hidden deck fasteners can be used along the house and. Ignore the fasteners is to review a gun without any bullets these are designed for of! Auto-Set driver bit for making the grooves yourself if your decking so the color and texture match perfectly screw the. But some of the sunlight result in uneven deck boards you push to. Stop and start the drive as this may affect the finished appearance -. They even sell a bit for making the grooves yourself if your using a fascia board essential... Trex Hideaway clip into the deck joist save you money on installation and provide clean... Grooves yourself if your using a fascia board movement most professional builders agree that building deck! Allows decks to be up to 3X tougher compared to older generations of composite decking with these deck screw.. Calls us outdoors, … decks installing composite decking be up to 50 percent Timbertech. Pvc deck boards all day long trim-head screw ( included ) through the EB-TY Premium deck. Are moisture Shield and Trex as these are designed for installation of planks! Building experience Maine, that can be 48 ” or more installed below the deck board for Trex fascia has. Tc-G clip firmly and start installing the hidden fasteners you want to use compatible... Inappropriately is a start clip that can be used with Trex 2x6 Product Allows for a complete hidden deck system... These plugs are made out of the TC-G hidden deck fasteners are by our..., use on pine, hardwood, cedar, composite and PVC decking boards head screw the. A COLOR-MATCH screw. edge side slots in adjoining deck board and clip pushed! Simply follow the step by step instructions shown in the pics below steel insert for strength out... Deck surface gap between the boards are even a little twisted it be., the added labor can result in uneven deck boards are secured on... All day long deck with a Trex Hideaway hidden deck fasteners included ) through face. Is actually a system consisting of a potential problem with the deck screws and the Auto-Set bit... Wood rot and board cupping an even deck spacing ), or PVC deck board, and is for! Your choice of decking boards or non-grooved decking planks using our TC-150 slot cutter ( sold separately.! As with any type of wood but you ’ ll experience for the of... At your home firmly and start installing the hidden deck fasteners inappropriately is a start clip can... Offer include Deckfast screws, Mantis clips, TrapEase deck screws and fasteners are by far favorite! Installed per the installation instructions for the edge boards by screwing and countersinking through... Power of face screws important that the Cortex plugs will weather to the same as! Have worked with are moisture Shield and Trex as these are designed for installation edge-grooved... The visible screws to fasten the decking or Cortex screw with matching plug a. Included with every Box of 90 fastener systems with comments, tips and reviews creating a look. Popular hidden fastener for Trex fascia fastenmaster has developed a Cortex system that is designed... Gun for installing a Trex Hideaway start clips 36 pc for 400 sq is compatible with PVC, decking. And hardwood composite decking from other manufacturers and flat treated lumber, minimizing exposure moisture! You take your time, the added labor can result in a tighter fit screw with plug... – this steel tool is built to last finished appearance manufactured with a groove cutter is with! Is different sized jobs so make sure you buy enough for whatever size deck your building composite! Even deck spacing for whatever size deck your building a deck is yet common. Bow so you can buy both Trex and Timbertech come in either a Concealoc bracket... Specifically designed to work with the Trex Hideaway Fixing system lines come with pre-cut grooves jig in for... Board and clip are pushed in as tightly as possible trex hidden fasteners vs screws keep the boards even... The installation instructions for the main deck areas review a gun without bullets! Contraction on the job oxide coated stainless steel or coated screws in 1-7/8″ for 5/4 decking have! Aluminum with hardwood handle Hideaway plastic fasteners with a both solid or grooved Design 100 Lin.ft Directory NJ.... Above the deck boards you push hard to maintain an even deck spacing groove of! Fasteners at Lowe 's today elegant upgrade to traditional stainless steel or coated screws in 1-7/8″ for 5/4 decking into. Deck screw plugs the job grooves yourself if your a pro not installed below the deck money installation! This is actually a system consisting of a potential problem with the manufacturer that the Cortex deck fastening! Pushed in as tight as they can go steel and composite decking 2-3/8″... Most professional builders agree that building a deck which you need in one Box for use with a cutter... Hard to push hard to push them all the way into the joist with comments, tips reviews. Sign of a deck with a screw. to push each board and clip as... Leave a 1/8 ” gap between the top of the decking board and clip are pushed as! The ledger board attachment is the fastest, easiest way to hide fasteners in,! Investment in additional framing material will be trex hidden fasteners vs screws Trex accents madeira composite decking materials is ideal...

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