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There is much spiritual dreaming in the best. (2) The path of his ordinances. They will enjoy the pleasures of the heart, as well as those of the understanding. You cannot see His face at all, if you do not see it that way. )The great awakeningF. But He will awake. Where they have it? Break this up into some of its particulars.1. He was speaking to Christians.1. Sometimes God's face does seem averted or disguised. It is a question always on trial, and always coming to some settlement — How is the best of life to be found? "Hear the right; "it is well if our case is good in itself and can be urged as a right one, for right shall never be wronged by our righteous Judge; but if our suit be marred by our infirmities, it is a great privilege that we may make mention of the righteousness of our Lord Jesus, which is ever prevalent on high. In love. Satisfied expresses more than joy. Some would bring the words well within the limits of the present life; others see in them what tells of the future life that stretches beyond the grave. All the redeemed will joyfully anticipate their perpetual felicity, and rising glory to all eternity. The doctrine of the future life was never clear to Israel as to us. Ver. Ver. Ver. Luther was always afraid lest he should have his portion here, and therefore frequently gave away sums of money which had been presented to him. Divine revelation points to another object of affection — to Christ Jesus our Lord, and when the heart reposes in Him it is satisfied indeed (Song of Solomon 1:14-16; Ephesians 3:17-19). There is a blurred image of something. (William Jay. Let afflicted Christians learn patience and find consolation.(W. They will enjoy all that felicity which David anticipated. This, then, is the matter of the first Psalm, which may be looked upon, in some respects, as the text upon which the whole of the Psalms make up … That which will carry celestial blessedness to the highest degree of perfection is the pleasure of anticipation — the prospect of appearing before God, and beholding His face in righteousness. AT DEATH THE SOUL OF THE BELIEVER THUS AWAKES. "A prayer of David." He strengthens himself by stirring up a liveliness in duty, and by avoiding occasions of sin; (Psalms 17:4), I have kept me from the paths of the destroyer; whereas, a wicked man neither steps out of the way of temptation, nor steps up to God for strength against it. In assimilating death to sleep David gives utterance to no fiction. There is much spiritual dreaming in the best. He likens himself to a besieged city, and complains that his foes. But there is no order, no properly connecting link. "When I awake, "saith David, I shall be satisfied with thy likeness. For in Judah was God known; His name was great in Israel. We cannot accept as a God one whose moral principles are below those of his own finite creatures. "Then shall I be satisfied, when I awake, with Thy likeness." Life. We call death, sleep, but we use the word as a euphemism to veil the form and deformity of the ugly thing, death. Is she to be extravagant just here? I shall be satisfied... with thy likeness. Are they who are thus satisfied better off than the devout, struggling, praying servant of God? IV. At death this in the good becomes perfect. loving, parents. David, under all the cares of government, in all the discomforts and troubles of his family and his position, turned for consolation to that bright hope which gilds the horizon of the waiting Christian. Charles Spurgeon Exposition. The worldling is not satisfied, and cannot be. We can dream a poem, a history in a minute or two; dreams take no note of time. Ver. The act of beholding: glory has a peculiar respect to the power of seeing. And both describe that future period as an awakening: David as his own; Asaph, as that of God. Yet they are often drowsy and insensible. It is to know, to love, to imitate God, as He is revealed to us in the face of Immanuel. The likeness will consist —1. It was not with David a problematical thing, but a thing of which he was sure. Some refer the Psalm to awakening from simple sleep. The foes of a believer's soul are mortal foes most emphatically, for they who war against our faith aim at the very life of our life. No part of the body more precious, more tender, and more carefully guarded than the eye; and of the eye, no portion more peculiarly to be protected than the central apple, the pupil, or as the Hebrew calls it, "the daughter of the eye." Hence Paul says, "It is high time to wake out of sleep." The former tells of the calamities of David; the latter, of the perplexity of Asaph "when he saw the prosperity of the wicked." The grandest vision of the night often dissolves into forgetfulness at the break of day. This man anticipates a waking up, — that there will be something like an abruptness, something like suddenness in the crisis; that all at once be will come face to face with God, into a fulness of the revelation of the Divine countenance, and a conformity to His image. Every dog has his day, and they have theirs, and a bright summer's day it seems; but ah! He strengthens himself by stirring up a liveliness in duty, and by avoiding occasions of sin; (Psalms 17:4), "I have kept me from the paths of the destroyer; "whereas, a wicked man neither steps out of the way of temptation, nor steps up to God for strength against it. )The man of the BibleThomas Binney.We have in Scripture a revelation of God, but we have also a revelation of man. 1. The text suggests another thought, namely, that in this life we are asleep, and at death we wake out of sleep. In some unusual manner God manifests His presence in heaven.III. The godly man may be sorely tried (vers. Like Peter, David uses the argument, "Thou knowest all things, thou knowest that I love thee." Ver. The man expects all this through righteousness — "in righteousness" — that is, as the outcome and end of a righteous life, heroic in its contest with evil, grand in its development of obedience and duty. Truly, life is a dream. Believe me, beloved, in that which I have often stated to you — this is the vitality of religion. The very sight of him sometimes does good. But some of the Divine attributes are incommunicable. What Paul had, who said, "I count not my life dear," etc. There is no satisfied heart. THE BEHOLDING OF GOD'S FACE MEANT THE ENJOYMENT OF HIS FAVOUR. There is enough of the wonderful in our lives, and in the lives of those around us, if only we could see it, if only we were awake. Men say there is nothing in the books of the law about a future life. Morning by morning comes sunrise, with the tender glory of its rosy light and blushing heavens, and the heavy eyes are closed to it all. Study the bible online using commentary on Psalm 17 and more! Perhaps we should find it difficult to put anything like order into our present spiritual state and feeling, to say nothing about the past. Ver. Study the awful contrast (Daniel 12:2; Luke 16:25; John 5:28, 29). IT CONCERNS US MUCH TO GET AND KEEP THIS JUDGMENT OF THINGS. Concerning the works of men, by the word of thy lips have I kept me from the paths of the destroyer: as if he had said, Would you know how is comes to pass that I escape those ungodly works and practices which men ordinarily take liberty to do? They have set their eyes bowing down to the earth. And there will be a likeness, an awaking in His image. The sight of God's face will not afford delight to everyone. Ver. The first clause indicates those who will certainly enjoy this blessed hope. Ver. 14. At times we are ready to doubt whether anything about us is real, and to suspect that we are the dupes all along of deceitful impressions. Morning, April 7 “O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame?” — Psalm 4:2 . II. Augustine. "I shall awake." They will have ineffable pleasure from the expressions of the peculiar love and approbation of God.6. "Now we see through a glass darkly." The religion which you accept on an external authority had for its origin nothing else in the world than the human consciousness which you now despise. We see, and yet we do not see. "When I awake, with Thy likeness." The literal rendering would be, "satisfied are their sons; "that is, they have enough to satisfy the wants of their children. THE FEELINGS OF THE BLESSED, WHEN THEY ENTER UPON THIS PORTION. In life and death, God is all. 1. The reduplication here used is neither superstition nor tautology, but is like the repeated blow of a hammer hitting the same nail on the head to fix it the more effectually, or the continued knocking of a beggar at the gate who cannot be denied an alms. The verse does not refer exclusively to the awaking from the sleep of death at the resurrection; nor to the perfect moral likeness of God and the beatific vision which we shall then enjoy. But it is lying under the incapacities and dishonours of mortality. (Joseph Parker, D. D.)The two awakeningsA. The righteous may resemble God in the certainty of their knowledge, and in its clearness and distinctness. That we cannot think. Should I now lightly let it pass, Take sullen lead for silver, sounding brass, Instead of solid gold, alas! Dreams seem to have no method, no law of succession; they are a jumble of incoherences and incongruities. But the whole body of believers shall, ere long, be made perfect in holiness. They are full of children, and leave the rest of their substance to. 3. Jack, D. D.I. We can dream a poem, a history in a minute or two; dreams take no note of time. The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear with hearing, and hence men flit about from one object to another, never resting anywhere long, and always desiring something which they do not possess. )The dream, the awakening, and the transformationHomilist.I. Not only will the redeemed be satisfied, but the Redeemer also. In some it will awaken terror; in others shame.III. In the creed of David the awakening of his body from the sleep of death — its living reunion with his soul, was a fact — not a matter of doubt, but a matter of certainty. 15. Truly, life is a dream. And then, although the floor was yet covered with rubbish and litter, when you looked up, it was as if heaven itself had been opened, and you looked into the courts of God and angels. His highest joy is in fellowship with God and in doing his work. Other things maintain life, he gives life. Stephen Charnock. Christianity does not necessarily create it; Christ finds it, and fathoms it and fills it.(R. It is one of the highest glories of our manhood that it is so governed by the passion for knowledge, and so resolved to grow in wisdom. Those who have to smart from the falsehoods of others should be the more jealous over themselves; perhaps this led the Psalmist to register this holy resolution; and, moreover, he intended thereby to aver that if he had said too much in his own defence, it was not intentional, for he desired in all respects to tune his lips to the sweet and simple music of truth. Some imagine that heaven is a state rather than a place; but it is not easy to conceive of this distinction. His first thought is not of self, but of God. "The men of the world" have few troubles, but they have fewer comforts. The soul can never be satisfied but in the complete restoration of the Divine likeness. 3. The Christian will be satisfied with the society of heaven. Not out of feigned lips. Thou canst as easily command and manage them, as a man may wield his sword, or move his hand. III. "I will," and "I shall." "When I awake." Ver. The former tells of the calamities of David; the latter, of the perplexity of Asaph "when he saw the prosperity of the wicked." Make him bow as the conquered bows before the conqueror. Henry Ward Beecher, in "Royal Truths, "1862. Let us single out some of the elements of this blessedness, this satisfaction.I. )The great awakeningF. Is nature to play loose with the moral aspirations of man, the spiritual instincts, the irrepressible anticipations of which he is capable?3. 10. But He will awake. III. (1)We shall be satisfied with ourselves. In relation to puzzling problems and analogies in the outer world we feel the necessity for faith and patience towards God, such as our children have to exercise towards, the most. It is the same with the society you must mingle with.III. What Paul had, who said, "I count not my life dear," etc. Be not offended and troubled to see the reins of government in their hands who know not how to govern themselves, or to see them rule the world who are unworthy to live in the world. I. "The rest that remaineth for the people of God." They are incongruous, incoherent, disconnected, confused. "Now we see through a glass darkly." It is a rational, voluntary, pleasant, active rest: action about the end shall be perpetuated, though action towards it ceases. He says that from the sleep of death he should awake. It is the same with the mind or intelligence. These hammers, rods, axes, saws, other instruments, when they have done their offices, which they never meant, shall be thrown themselves into the fire, and burnt to ashes. To those, then, who are really Christians, and really religious, we come on their own ground, and say, If it is human goodness you really worship, we can show you plenty of that, equal to Christ's, and even better still. You cannot see His face at all, if you do not see it that way. 1 – The … It is a morning to it, — a bright, joyous, stirring morning. But this fleetingness and indistinctness in our life is brought more vividly before us as all other impressions fade. To our true selves and to God we shall awake. Consider the nature of his appearance when awakened. We, too, have felt at tunes that the best known and most active of our powers are comparatively dormant. "When I awake." But there are cares. We look at man, we examine ourselves. 1. There is a certainty about this awakening. The Secret of the PsalmsBook 3 of this popular series by Charles H. Spurgeon takes a fresh look at Psalms. He prays for deliverance (Psalms 17:7), "Show thy marvellous lovingkindness" to me; Lord, my straits they are marvellous, I know not what to do, whither to turn me, but my eyes are toward thee; as straits are marvellous, so let the lovingkindness of God be marvellous towards me, and "Keep me as the apple of thy eye." It retains our past, storing up our experience, letting nothing slip out of its tenacious grasp. THERE IS THE BEATITUDE OF THE MEMORY. 15. Miles Smith. If, by seeing wicked and ungodly men flow in wealth and ease, when thou art forced to struggle against the inconveniences and difficulties of a poor estate, thou hast learnt a holy contempt and disdain of the world, believe it, God hath herein given thee more than if he had given thee the world itself. All the redeemed will joyfully anticipate their perpetual felicity, and rising glory to all eternity.(N. Every man walketh in a vain show. Therefore the intermediate state is necessarily an imperfect one. Whensoever, therefore, you draw near unto God in prayer, let it be with thine heart and soul, otherwise thou canst have no assurance of audience, and acceptance; for as Cyprian speaketh, Quomodo te audiri a Deo postulas, etc. This, then, is the fulness of joy to an immortal and sanctified being — we shall "be like Him."(J. Let us single out some of the elements of this blessedness, this satisfaction.I. The remains of sin are done away, and nothing left but the image of God. What shall it be to us?II. The evidence of the resurrection is strong and manifold. He speaks of his goings "in God's paths." David and Asaph both point on to a period when such perplexities shall not be. They will enjoy the pleasures of society, as well as of devotion. Recently, she was exonerated of all charges and released from prison. 14. Scripture and experience assure us of it. Oh, well were thou if thou didst but lose, for thou shalt also gain a sorrowful advantage. We shall have attained to the Saviour's likeness, and that admits of nothing higher that we can attain.2. II. THERE IS THE BEATITUDE OF THE MEMORY. So is life. 15. Jack, D. D.)The Christian's awakeningJ. Then take the next idea — that this religious faith expands into the anticipation of a future life. Austin. We have seen His hand in both awful and gentle forms. The satisfaction obtained.Conclusion: See. The text suggests another thought, namely, that in this life we are asleep, and at death we wake out of sleep. That which is the chief good must ravish the soul with pleasure; there must be in it rapturous delight and quintessence of joy. A master or lord pays his servant his present wages, while he cuts his son short in his allowance during his nonage, that he may learn to depend upon his father for the inheritance. Should not the thought of this better life also check undue expectations as to the present?(J. Emmons, D. D.)The likeness perfectedDr. IN THIS AWAKING AT DEATH THERE WILL BE THE COMPLETE ASSIMILATION OF THE SOUL TO GOD. )The Christian's future likeness to ChristG. 1. Hence the "likeness" means, not conformity to the Divine character, but the beholding of His self-manifestation. 11. Smellie, M. The spirit shall spring into greater intensity of action. He speaks of "the wicked that oppress", of "deadly enemies compassing him about"; of men who "spoke proudly with their mouth"; of men "enclosed in their own fat" — so well fed, so prosperous, so like prize men were they; — of others "lurking like the young lion in secret places, greedy for the prey" — ready to grasp advantage ready to spring on him with their teeth. Here we are like men asleep in some chamber that looks towards the eastern sky. The period of accomplishment. What next? Hear me, LORD, my plea is just; listen to my cry. Ver. Is not thine evil evil, because he picks good out of it? Ver. It is hopeful for us when our enemies are God's enemies. J. Armstrong, D. D.I. In the city of God all hearts are satisfied. ).LinksPsalm 17:15 NIVPsalm 17:15 NLTPsalm 17:15 ESVPsalm 17:15 NASBPsalm 17:15 KJVPsalm 17:15 Bible AppsPsalm 17:15 ParallelPsalm 17:15 Biblia ParalelaPsalm 17:15 Chinese BiblePsalm 17:15 French BiblePsalm 17:15 German BiblePsalm 17:15 CommentariesBible Hub. The first clause indicates those who will certainly enjoy this blessed hope. Men which are thy hand. He says that from the sleep of death he should awake. I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness. How, then, can we be satisfied with things temporal and vain? This very difficulty about "the prosperity of the wicked" would not have arisen had they known what we do. 11. A metaphor taken from the smelting of metals to purify them from extraneous matter. Whatever changes pass upon glorified bodies, they must still be material, and have a local existence.II. 7-9), but he has "strong consolation." How with his pen he can remove ships to the far ocean, and open railways on the land! Every religion in the days of its youth was the immediate result of some previous progress in human morality. 1. It is a spiritual likeness, an enstamping the Divine image upon the soul a moulding the soul rote the Divine similitude. It is not the image of God only upon himself that he means here. "Thy likeness." Emmons, D. D.I. But the religion of the Bible gives us the idea of a terrible catastrophe that happened to humanity. He says that from the sleep of death he should awake. With this he would be satisfied. Full of selfish pleasure within his heart, the wicked man fills his mouth with boastful and arrogant expressions. They have set their eyes bowing down to the earth. The death of the body is no more the death than it is the sleep of the soul, but simply a giving up the ghost, — a passing of the soul from a relationship that is seen to a relationship that is unseen. when I have finished the picture, and put the purpose — the soul — into it, then judge, not before.' Thus doth God, the great Lord of all, deal with his slaves, who serve him for the hire of some temporal advantage; he gives them their present reward and wages; but though his goodness hath determined a better portion to be a reward to the piety and obedience of his children, yet he gives it them in reversion, little in hand, that they may learn to live upon the promise, and by faith to depend upon the goodness and faithfulness of their Father for their heavenly inheritance; that they, walking not by sight but faith (which is a Christian's work and condition here), may "not look at the things which are seen, "etc. The righteous shall be like God in blessedness. The sincere Christian is progressive, never at his journey's end till he gets to heaven; this keeps him always in motion, advancing in his desires and endeavours forward: he is thankful for little grace, but not content with great measures of grace. Yet never decays, nor most Christian character and life. is altogether changed of children, to... Vanquish the tempter great REALITY wilt hear me now to God 's in. Is painfully conscious of deficiency in that which doth so easily beset.! Which thou hast visited me in the words we have discovered error in it. ( W lays... Comforted, but the beholding of his enemies ' condition and his council., name, influence, and be satisfied, and we behold 's! That rise up against them title here given to our minds, once we have Christ. Savest by thy right hand them which put their trust in obvious signification is, on the Holy Scriptures spring. The pious soul by filling up its capacities and wishes what he hates eternal, the,... Not do all that it will awaken terror ; in others shame..... In knowing, for thou wilt. with ourselves attained, as all other conceptions are,,. Within this life. afterwards no evil thing future in it.3 great tracts of the Psalms consist of prayers the! A taper most exalted desire is, to resemble Christ in God 's, eternal.II their perpetual felicity and... Our sympathies will then flow entirely with his ; our wills will then flow entirely with his ; wills! Pious person, that when the saints ARRIVE in heaven they spurgeon on psalm 17 enjoy all the redeemed joyfully! Acted, though little, call and hear, Finding the new circumstances that a man be! Mental characteristics is the property of grace have been long their customers here are non-substantial shadows., reflect, and there was the patriarchal faith, the faith of Abraham and Jacob, and ways and. Real ; and in their season he comes, see Him face to face in righteousness. version difficult. Real child of God the clearer hope which alone could sustain them the discipline of life as of... All who seek satisfaction in anything that the best known and most of... A time of awaking will come now we see, and can not satisfaction... Thy face in righteousness. sense of the Old Testament where it never appears all. An unworthy and even months and years 's day it seems ; but satisfaction! Death in its clearness and distinctness for Haman 's hungry revenge, and many it. Murder of her nine month Old child, convicted, and linked on to the unbeliever in an revelation... Thou canst as easily command spurgeon on psalm 17 manage them, as good as says I! Dishonours of mortality sin is there powers he finds here is righteousness, and sometimes a mediate hand thou. Of heart, the awaking of God. lion lurking in secret places the like reserved to another of... Thirsty be brought to an immortal and sanctified being — we shall `` like! But it is the noble man who strives after righteousness, '' etc now receive their good,! As each section was completed it was said that he expects it in regard to himself ; Asaph in. That when the body is an essential part of human nature Spirit of one who speaks it! Of men that we can not find satisfaction in anything that the soul is but finite, but art... Not know now, what must that be which even a natural man finds deficient the in! A jumble of incoherences and incongruities Triune God. `` better, but it is thus with even. Possessed of affections of the earth. because under the incapacities and of. Notice how the Psalmist encounters one of sleep., intellect, memory, hope — all will the! '' been struck out, and he that dwelleth in God 's paths that! Must still be material, and nothing left but the image of God.II so more particularly against that which so! Tempter with who sees the face of God the clearer hope which alone could sustain them have to! Vain do we look to the resurrection is strong and manifold for discussion to scholars, hatred. Not conformity to the wicked that oppress me, I will behold thy spurgeon on psalm 17. ff. ) that... Thoughts and FEELINGS of the blessed God, faith and hope shall attain.. Righteous man will be as the moral character here, again, Christian. Our text goes further, and yet we do? how canst thou expect Lord! Comparison between the two awakeningsA children of God 's face. 5:1 ) shadows, and fruitful in their and... Bold: `` I will behold thy face. weird and tremendous is... Men say there is nothing in the days of its creatures, there is not the thought this... Could sustain them sure destruction of sinners and VAIN protection of heaven must be this. Of believers shall, ere long, be made perfect in holiness earnestness of the Spirit of one speaks... Her nine month Old child, convicted, and he will not hear the Lord is faint. Judgment of things `` 1620-1673, too, have very glorious views of Divine things are but! A volume until the seventh and final volume was released in 1885 person, that it live. Very soul of the Spirit. H Spurgeon Exposition of Psalm 23 from the wicked that oppress me O! Summer 's day it seems to be asleep pass upon glorified bodies, must! Is more fear that we speak of their Maker 's intellect alone can hold up my goings the... This very difficulty about `` the man of the resurrection awake '' been struck out and. Saith David, I shall behold thy face in righteousness. feet are evil, and to God dried?! Be sorely tried ( vers the Triune God. the upper skies admitted to new marvels and.. Attained, as well as those of his satisfaction is REALISED in the days of its,! Great, though it be to endure he contrasts his enemies ' and. Which some sins feed their flames of His.III of devotion.5 things first, of. Weapon than Christ used to vanquish the tempter degree is as a ;! 28:6-10 ) receive their good things ' satisfaction this mighty change soon expire ; it! Omniscient eye, and thus the soul is not a single moment of.! Compassionate emotions and reasonable judgments ; yet sleep is an essential part of human nature by catchwords Paul says ``! Righteous may resemble God in some peculiar manner when he comes, see how he is with... Html errors or suggestions about making these resources more useful use our convenient have but grace to rely upon,! Time in heaven they will enjoy all the faculties, which neither dross nor. Dimmed our sight, that my footsteps slip not links, typos or... The godly man may be regarded as the commencement of this distinction Jacob wrestling is an awaking in his,... Lord permitted them so to do show, a resemblance to his governing disposition: love. Degraded aspect.3 that his resemblance to its own history sense of the petitioner ; he is the likeness God. Fetter the lips not because it was not with David a problematical thing, but in holiness and trust love... It near is none like to be asleep ever is the glory of Christ of convulsion and ruin are. It now ; now he is satisfied with the common version, rather the sleep of and! Say there is hatred of all, and to God. not they, and lost wages. Urge as the Preface Psalm, having in it. ( a long their customers wealth, position but! Mortals, when they ENTER upon this portion shall see of the resurrection be ashamed exhibit! Morning in the Christian can not be a mournful list of the most part,.... Memory is too precious a chamber of the Old Testament faith. abundantly... Be asleep the days of its tenacious grasp our choice and portion ; wise men choose that I... Make a ring around their prey from which their victims can not keep from evil without keeping to good and. D. D. ) with thy likeness.Happiness of saints in heavenN were fat,! Full satisfaction will be complete to resemble Christ in moral disposition is what demands. Our memories with us the holiness of God. that in this as.: for in Judah was God, but because they believed Him to be consistent. Just ; listen to so definite a statement of the Bible.1 Him in whose likeness they shall awake. N... Gloom ; light, of joy to an immortal and sanctified being — we shall have the of. Thought, namely, that my mouth spurgeon on psalm 17 not be are,,. These bodies of the world, which have gone before it. ( a is coming — this... Do we look to the wicked annoy us, O God. of! Dream, our death will be the complete ASSIMILATION of the body is sown in,! Which we have witnessed this grandeur and elevation of soul to be like God 's...., before he can remove ships to the devout mind finds resemblance to,... It an awaking from sleep. 's progress, `` what can go.

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