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In 2004, the Red Bull Ice Break, a sub-zero surf competition where little ice floes rode the waves with the surfers, took place in Cow Bay. So what are you waiting for? Rossignol Surf Shop. For pristine surf sessions, get to it with an E/NE/SE swell, and W/NW winds. Because after all this time, even with a restaurant making the best pizza in Nova Scotia, it’s still really about surfing. “I think they are the two most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life; they are constantly challenging me,” he says. But, when a 51.5-inch striper is caught from the shores of Northern Nova Scotia during the month of November, it’s a head turner. White Point Beach Resort, near Liverpool, and Kannon Beach Surf Shop in Lawrencetown are two more popular spots to take lessons.. It’s scrappy and relaxed, worn in like a pair of grass-stained overalls. The menu is ever-changing, but constant in its reverence for local seafood and the adroit preparation and plating. Jamie says he likes surfing as much as he likes farming because both are so difficult to perfect. Here at Rossignol Surf Shop, we offer 1 hour learn to surf lessons in a group setting, no experience necessary! Lawrencetown is the home of Nova Scotia's surfing scene. 1 Was This One of the Best Days Ever Seen at a California Beach Break? Surf Lessons / Schools. A good way to spend the morning at Cafe Goodluck. 66 Ochterloney St., Dartmouth; 11 a.m.-8 a.m., daily. Cow Bay in East Shore is an exposed reef and point break that has quite reliable surf Offshore winds blow from the north northwest. There you only have to pick your way over a few rocks before your toes sink softly into the sand. Each lesson starts at the Boathouse getting suited up and picking out a soft-top board followed by dry-land training, safety etiquette and practicing your silks in the lake before heading into the ocean to catch some waves. Ad Choices. 75 White Point Rd White Point (2,597.84 mi) Liverpool, NS, Canada B0T 1G0. A hawk was flying overhead and Dean, a pro surfer turned pizzaiolo, kept losing track of his thoughts as he watched it drop again and again, looking for fish. Kannon Beach . South Shore Surf Shop. Mark competed on the kitesurfing world tour and has appeared in international kitesurfing magazines over 25 times. They also build dishes around produce from Off Beet Farm, a small urban farm in Cow Bay, regularly using its greens for salads. When we are out farming and we go out and see all these tomatoes that are just hitting it, when I have a perfect crop of turnips, we’re like wow! And their front yard. This café and bakery is a great stop for maritime classics like fish cakes and chowder, or for a Sunday brunch if you are headed out to the beaches of the Eastern Shore. They oversmoked. Evening menu features handmade pasta and inspired salads. Pepporoni pie straight from the oven at Yeah Yeahs Pizza. It feels like a metaphor, something a little too on the nose about risk and reward or maybe something a little more oblique about how the Atlantic Ocean will always make you wait. Kannon Beach. Locally owned and operated, Kannon Beach's charming second location is the only surf shop located in the heart of downtown Halifax. Bartending led to international competitions, which led to winning competitions and then work in Toronto at restaurants like Bar Raval. “If we don’t use it, we won’t sell it” Where the Waves Are Fast and the Food Is Slow. We sell surfboards, wetsuits, surf accessories, apparel, stand up paddle boards, and more! We can see the Big Dipper and Leo and Jupiter too. Get in contact with Halifax Surf School. We are only a 15-minute escape from the city and we can see the stars. Fifteen years later you could still call Cow Bay a bit of a hidden gem, but really it’s just remained a little unpolished: It’s a world-class surf destination, but it’s also the burbs, and nothing sparkles with more dullness than suburbia. Both Surfer and Surfing magazines have photo spreads with shots of Nova Scotia in their online editions. Best known for giant buttery croissants that stretch the definition of the pastry as far as as the dough will let them. Kismet focuses on local seafood, with dishes like the ever-present raw scallop, a half-shell with silky coins of Digby scallop tucked into the curve, made as bright and verdant as a summer day on my last visit with lemongrass olive oil, cilantro stalk, and crisp raw radish. But there are really only two reasons to specifically go to Cow Bay: You love to surf or you love moose statues. This beautiful 1.7km beach is naturally protected by a round cobblestone barrier which turns to sand before entering the water. Like Dean said, sometimes you get skunked. Call or text: 902-789-5483 or email: So it isn’t a Playmobil playset kind of farm; you don’t hear an Ennio Morricone whistle as you look out over the fields. Cold water surfing is growing in popularity, check out thisnew video by NS Tourism on their facebook page.. ©2018 by Rossignol Surf Shop. In the trendy North End Halifax neighborhood, Bar Kismet has an ever-changing menu focusing on local seafood prepared with French and Mediterranean inspiration. The combination of rough winter waves, rocky coastline, exposed reef, wind and swell combos, plus general gnarlyness and bodaciousness (all required for truly great surfing, as I understand it) finally put Atlantic Canada’s waves on the radar. Authentic Surf Shop. Don’t miss Evan’s Fresh Seafoods, which makes some of the best fish and chips, haddock burgers, and lobster rolls in the city. This cold beer store in Cole Harbour also has a taproom, Side Hustle, where you can snack on one of the city’s best burgers and try all of the beer, including the Lawrencetown Surf Session Ale, a juicy, refreshing IPA with hints of citrus zest and green tea. While winter surfing and the more ambitious surfing in Cow Bay may only be a lure for people seeking maximum adventure (please see previously mentioned gnarlyness), there are friendlier waves nearby, point breaks meant more for a Johnny Utah than a Bodhi, at sandy beaches like Rainbow Haven and Lawrencetown (please see previously mentioned bodaciousness). Hand Crafted Surfboards. “There’s Cassiopeia,” I say, pointing up to a cluster shaped like a loose W, joking about being able to name all the constellations. Kannon Beach is the largest surf shop in Nova Scotia with hundreds of wetsuits to choose from. 2733 Agricola St., Halifax; 5 p.m.–12 a.m., Tuesday–Sunday. Get Directions +1 902-350-6053. Reef breaks provide lefts and rights Good surf … The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. As you may have caught on, there is no endless summer in Nova Scotia. “We don’t have a barn, we don’t have space, I can see my neighbors.”. The pizza shop is just upstairs from Anchored Coffee’s roastery, which itself is tucked in next to Two if by Sea, one of the most popular cafés in downtown Dartmouth, a neighborhood that has become a spark plug for a current of cool, youthful restaurants, cafés, and breweries. This article is part of a series on Canadian food and travel, with support from Destination Canada. But the suburbs of Halifax aren’t quite what you’d expect. Located at Cow Bay, Osborne is a consistent right-hand point break protected from onshore winds. Surfing -no show. Maritime Surf Company. East Coast Surf School. Cow Bay Surf Guide. We are located in historic Lunenburg, Nova Scotia at 714 Blue Rocks Rd in the heart of Nova Scotias South Shore. Dean, who grew up in Kittery Point, Maine, followed his to Nova Scotia, “a point break mecca,” he calls it, ostensibly to attend university, but really to surf. A few hours earlier, sun shining, Dean Petty took a break from the barbecue where he was grilling sweet Annapolis Valley corn and smoking a side of ribs to point out various surf breaks along the same curve of the Atlantic that edges his backyard. The New York–style pies have an airy crust, just the right balance of crispy and chewy, fermented long enough and cooked with enough heat to delightfully blister and blacken the crust. Originally from Nova Scotia, owner, Mark Moore spent his 20's exploring 45 different countries in search of perfect surfing and kitesurfing locations. Always, always safety. When things come together, there is no better place to catch a wave...or to have a second-story pizza place in a weird location.”. Kannon Beach Surf Shop employs knowledgeable staff, and offers the highest quality surf lessons, surf rentals, and surf gear! Rossignol Surf Shop is a family owned business that was established by Jeff Norman in 1998 with one mission: to bring his love and knowledge of surfing to the South Shore of Nova Scotia. We strive to provide our customers with the best services at quality prices. 12 check-ins. 6451 Quinpool Road Halifax, Nova Scota B3L 1B1 Local: 902-429-6788 Toll Free: 1-800-NO1-FART © 2020 Condé Nast. “We have better waves in the winter,” Dean says, though he admits that even with the consistency of the waves and wilder swells in the stormier seasons you have to have some screws loose to put a wetsuit on and wade into the ocean in -20 degree weather. Article content continued. Jenner grew up in Lawrencetown, not Maine, so he didn’t have to travel as far either Dean or Jamie to surf in the bay—just 20 minutes—but he always surfed more at Lawrencetown Beach anyway. Check out important Nova Scotia surf related links below: Surf Shops. “I think there’s something to it—we wait a lot of the year for waves. While most towns are located along the coast, the province's interior is pitted with thousands of lakes scattered among forests and rocky hills. Find the best places to surf in offshore conditions by selecting the … In Nova Scotia surf-and-turf isn’t just a main course, it’s a way of life, a way to play and a reason to stay. And the Big Dipper and Leo and Jupiter too. One of the benefits to surfing in Nova Scotia, particularly in winter, is that you’re not sharing the waves with 300 to … And there’s Cassiopeia, shining brightly above you. Best Surf Seasons in Nova Scotia: 1) Fall. 16 were here. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. "East Coast Surf School offers excellent service, seasoned professional advice and multiple board options for those who want to try the sport of surfing In Nova Scotia." Cooking advice that works. In Nova Scotia surf-and-turf isn’t just a main course, it’s a way of life, a way to play and a reason to stay. Not sure what to do in Cow Bay because moose statues aren’t your thing? “It has such immediate, immediate satisfaction. Available through White Point Beach Resort's Boathouse. Check out our selection here or call us for more information. Hurricane season is the premium surfing season, from August to November, consistent surf comes up from the Atlantic. “In 1963, Lawrencetown became the birthplace of surfing in Nova Scotia and it represents surfing on the east coast. Restaurant recommendations you trust. 145 Portland St., Dartmouth; 8 a.m.–3 p.m., Tuesday and Wednesday; 8 a.m.–9 p.m., Thursday and Friday; 9 a.m.–9 p.m., Saturday; 9 a.m.–3 p.m., Sunday. Near-shore swell is shown on the map together with the surf forecast rating for spots in Nova Scotia. Our waves are much more accessible than you may think. I visited a few different universities near surf, but the people and landscape of Nova Scotia really spoke to me. 5 out of 5 stars. And their neighbor’s yard. Welcome to the South Shore Surf ShopWelcome to South Shore Surf Shop. Proudly created with The coffee ain’t bad either. Either way, follow your bliss! That hawk from earlier is probably nodding his head right now. Rossignol Surf Shop is situated at Summerville Beach Provincial Park in Summerville Centre. Rossignol Surf Shop is a family owned business that was established by Jeff Norman in 1998 with one mission: to bring his love and knowledge of surfing to the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Jenner calls it epic, “One of the most surreal experiences.” It’s the biggest payoff for the way Nova Scotia can toy with you when it comes to weather, the way the Atlantic breeds patience and perseverance. It is, quite simply, a house, quaint, almost distinctly suburban, with a deck that wraps around the front and that big window on the second floor that looks out over the bay. Nova Scotia Stripers Larger numbers of stripers have taken up residence in the northern Atlantic Ocean waters of Maine and southern Canada in recent years, and anglers like Skyler Jeddore have taken notice. You don't need to be an Olympic athlete to surf in Nova Scotia. “I think it’s taken me some time to get over the idea of what a farm should look like,” Sarah says. They serve flaky, buttery quiche and croque monsieurs, house-made brioche stacked with sweet and salty honey-caramelized ham and topped with a torched Bernaise. Canada ; Nova Scotia ; Halifax Regional Municipality ; Halifax ; ... Nova Scotia, Canada 5 contributions 2 helpful votes. Every slice is entirely crushable, from the classic Margherita to white pizza with creamy fior di latte, roasted mushrooms, charred green onion and a bright squeeze of lemon, or a pepperoni pie given extra zip with ribbons of onion, hot peppers, and a drizzle of hot honey. All rights reserved. North to Nova Scotia A cold-water surf trip to a remote and frozen Canadian frontier March 2, 2015 By SURFER Social icon website Social icon rss Social icon twitter “You can’t force weather to be something.”. Also the north-easterly lows start to pummel the island in late autumn bringing regular but windy swells. As Dean explains it, “You can come up here on a surf trip and get fully skunked.” Part of Nova Scotia’s charm is its lack of guarantees, though; to really understand Nova Scotia is to thrive on its challenges. “Minutes, Minyards, Backyards, Inside Oz, Outside Oz, Radars, Seawall…the list goes on.” There is also Moose, named after the statue of a giant moose erected in Cow Bay by nature artist Winston Bronnum in 1959. Don’t be put off by all the challenges, though. bam! “You can’t force waves to be something,” she says. Happy Dudes. It’s a beautiful stretch, where country roads can take you to rustic fish-and-chip shacks, charming bakeries, and dozens of craft breweries and cideries, punctuated with a series of coves and bays that lead to the Atlantic Ocean. The restaurant has used a lot of Off Beet’s produce too: squash blossoms stuffed with ricotta and smoked haddock dandelion greens, speckled trout lettuce and peppers that they have woven into dishes alongside grilled branzino, torched mackerel or charred octopus. You can get everything you need from hoods, mitts, and booties to boards. We are proudly located at the beautiful White Point Beach Resort where everyday is a great day! Cow Bay is one of those bights, right where the suburbs of Dartmouth and Cole Harbour begin to fade into something more rural. He distracted the cook with trip over to inspect the quiver of surfboards tucked into a nearby shed. Point Michaud Beach, Nova Scotia. Exceptional cocktail program. Surf Board Ding Repairs. And so much more!!! 899 Portland St., Dartmouth; 12 p.m.–7 p.m. daily. Cozy downtown café with a brunch-focused daytime menu offering fresh twists on comfort food and French classics driven by seasonal produce. The rotating Pizza of the Week, or POW, is not to be missed. By far the best time of year for good swell, wind, and weather to combine themselves. If you work hard enough you’ll find the line that works for you, and if you hold that for long enough you’re going to create something.”. 4348 Lawrencetown Rd., East Lawrencetown; 8 a.m.–9 p.m. daily. Now he has two businesses in Dartmouth, Anchored Coffee and Yeah Yeahs Pizza, but he lives in a bungalow overlooking Cow Bay. Where to Eat, Drink, and Surf in and Around Halifax and the Eastern Shore. Gnar East Surf Repair. Rossignol Surf Shop is a family owned business that was established by Jeff Norman in 1998 with one mission: to bring his love and knowledge of surfing to the South Shore of Nova Scotia. All good communication and information weeks prior to our bookings. “Like I didn’t know how to run a restaurant, but it was like, cool, I’ll figure this out and I’ll be sliding around on the wave. It’s the ultimate metaphor even if it’s so cliché,” he says. bam! 2 The 20 Best Surf Photos from 2019 3 Big-Wave Charger Kohl Christensen Hospitalized After Brutal Pipeline Wipeout 4 Revisiting Kelly Slater’s All-Time Soup Bowl Score From “Campaign 2” 5 … The hawk keeps bailing on the dive, content to hang loose on the swell of wind and stay out of the spray below. We deliver 100 Mbps cable internet and unlimited Canada-wide calling phone service to both residential and business customers in Nova Scotia. Located just outside Halifax, we offer surfing lessons and surfing rentals daily at Nova Scotia's Surfing hub, Lawrencetown Beach. But the draw of the ocean brought him back East. Osborne, Nova Scotia. Bon Appétit may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. It was still a great night. The Surf Association of Nova Scotia has been holding surf lessons at Martinique and Lawrencetown beaches this summer in an effort to reduce historical barriers to … "With limited time my girlfriend and I were still able to get hooked up with awesome gear, and boards that suited each of us perfectly." Which is why winter surfing is so popular with serious surfers. 5. A weekly market overlooking Halifax Harbour featuring some of Nova Scotia’s best local growers and food purveyors, including farms from across the province like Off Beet Farm, cheesemakers, fresh baked goods, and more. There are endless reasons to come to Nova Scotia: bowls of creamy, comforting seafood chowder crowded with meaty clams, mussels, and lobster; lively nights at ceilidhs and kitchen parties where you can enjoy the lilt of traditional Gaelic fiddle music; the unparalleled North American sparkling wine found in the Gaspereau Valley. Located at the Boathouse at the Resort, Jeff and his team have been offering lessons for many, many years. It was just past noon, too hot outside and well past the time anybody could reasonably go do any work in the thick, wet air of the sweating greenhouse, when I picked my way through rambling vines of plump gold tomatoes with Sarah. Jeff has been surfing the Atlantic Ocean for over 30 years and if you ever have the chance to take a lesson with him, you will leave feeling like you just conquered the wild ocean waves. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. A beloved fixture in downtown Dartmouth, this café is the original source for Anchored Coffee. When you are catching those waves it’s like bam! As a teenager he took a free surf lesson from one of the local surf schools that pepper the beaches in the area and was immediately hooked, spending summers surfing there and at Martinique Beach, Seaforth Point, and Cow Bay. Chef Emma Adamski creates simple, flavorful dishes like fresh tagliatelle with pungent pink oyster mushrooms in a rich cream sauce, and sweet, sunshiny late-summer tomatoes on garlic-rubbed sourdough. We are proudly located at the beautiful White Point Beach Resort where everyday is a great day. Surfing Association of Nova Scotia longboard contest, 2015. Learn to (or at least try) surfing in Nova Scotia this year! Not just one or two struggling to break through the city skyglow. Open year round seven days a week. Year-round surfing lessons and equipment rentals at Lawrencetown Beach. “The space is not precious; it’s not perfect, but it parallels perfectly with the waves,” Dean says. It’s in that neighborhood where you’ll find Cafe Goodluck, a small, sweet, brunch-focused restaurant with a menu that weaves French classics and diner food into a fresh take on comfort. Located at Michaud Cove, this long sandy beach is capable of producing the finest waves in Canada. Windswells and groundswells in equal measure and the ideal swell direction is from the east. Surf Shop in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. About Nova Scotia Along with New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia belongs to the Maritime Provinces of Canada, where it is impossible to be more than 56km (35 mi) away from the sea.

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