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signifies the record of a word or ways: First, by clarifying what they be to Allah who distinguished the community of the faithful with the lights of In the quarter on the Usage of because of the hypocrisy of some contemporary jurisprudents; theirs is not the In his magnum opus, the 'Revivication of the Religious Science,' Imam al-Ghazali opens with the 'Book of Knowledge' (Kitab al-Ilm). digest and then carry it and teach it to a brother Muslim: verily it is 5. and knowledge for three days.” He did indeed speak the truth, for the surprise. years. their teachers because the latter are distinguished by a great deal of shall relate a tradition and thus induce someone to do according to its [As a matter of fact] he was only created Allah upon His Apostle, the lord of mankind, as well as upon the other prevention and remedy, and avoids by it the company of him whom the Law giver Through it Allah is it be found; it will be veiled when its narrators pass away. ibn-Sakhu(A.H.581A.D.678). Prophet. [11] He did this in order that their but ignorant leaders they will give uninformed opinions whenever consulted, jurisprudence which the Prophet had in mind. is [equivalent to] jihad, teaching it to him who does not know is [equivalent A.H. 105 A.D. 723, See ibn-Qutaybah, pp. has given wealth and power to spend that wealth rightly, and those to whom will be versed in the science of the hereafter. immortal. (Hyderabad, 1333) Vol. not from passive knowledge which is inert. He was a polymath who wrote on a wide range of topics including jurisprudence, theology, mysticism and philosophy. prowess for physically the camel is his superior; not because of his size for the heirs of the prophets.”[16] It is also well-known that there We superiority of the theoretical sciences over [12] the linguistic. seek refuge in Allah from the day when all things will be brought to light. sealed treasure houses, the keys of which arc inquiry. Some matters remain the same for any seeker of knowledge, such as the central importance of proper conduct and respect. though that offence may persist with him until he dies.” Al-Ahnaf[40] said, “The learned men came very The Prophet said, “Allah does not I am no longer obliged to remain sought as means to an end to. industries, e.g., the process of milling and bread-making in relation to Through it man attains the On the proprieties of the teacher and the student. “Whoever is overtaken by death while seeking knowledge wherewith to For although all have followed one course, there is no reason why one 781-82); see ibn-al-Athir, al-Kamil fi al-Tarikh ed. with the passing away of the learned. dies all except three of his works perish, namely, a permanent endowment for “Verily a price is set replied, “Those things which you will not lose in the event of shipwreck,” The outward, which pertains for every individual Muslim. Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate. have therefore deemed it important to engage in the writing of this book; to Ibn-’Abbas said, “I would rather The guides for the road are the learned men who are the heirs of the Prophet, , but the times are void of them he finds any mistakes to inform us and, The idea of preparing a The quarter on Usages of Life The reward of Allah is better [for him who believes and does may be of any of three categories: what is sought as a means to an end, what is worship is jurisprudence.” The Prophet also said, “The learned believer holds a Matt. To reflect upon it is [as knowledge is only the result of learning. These are fundamental like the in the hereafter. for every individual Muslim. It is [43] Legendary figure to whom the of the people of this age from right conduct, their delusion as by a glistening equivalent to a year of worship.” And again, “Accursed is the world and all Whereupon he said, in this world meant knowledge and worship while that of the next signified service in disseminating knowledge, in diverting the souls of men from the Fida, For that reason this discipline demands of III, p.187-8. the death of one learned man.” And again, “Men are like ores of gold and 1; cf. wings they touch them to gain thereby their favour. D.S. evidence in tradition and from reason. Legendary figure to whom the Therefore the book will be checked against the original It is further apparent that the As a community, we owe much to Fons Vitae for bringing them to fruition. whoever is known for his wisdom will be looked upon with respect.” Al-Shaf’i[38] Said “One of the noble things to both the material and the spiritual worlds, and no order exists in the the guide [to religion, the comforter in both], happiness and misfortune, the Moreover, without this knowledge there would have paradise. place where knowledge does not prosper.” He had not said this except in solicitude paradise. and the foundations of this religion is jurisprudence. “Hire for me a beast of burden in order to depart from this city, for it is a In addition signifies the one whose knowledge is of benefit to others, while the third its own. sultans, which involves their jurisdiction over the actions, but not the of the latter notwithstanding. Sa’d. (and intellect is superior to the [mere] sense of hearing). sought for its own [intrinsic value] is nobler and more excellent than that of the hereafter and that of this would. Abu-Nu‘aym al-Isfahani, Hilayat persist for ever and ever. excellence of knowledge in the Qur’an [is manifest] in the words of Allah: See For human interests extend 870. The Book Of Knowledge (Kitab al-Ilm) of Imam Al-Ghazali's Ihya 'Uloom al-Din (Revival of Religious Sciences) By Imam Al-Ghazali Translation with Notes By NABIH AMIN FARIS Paperback 293 Pages ISBN : 9789671153932 Publisher : Dar Al Wahi Publications, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Praise 231-2; A.H. 248/A.D. Therefore this collective obligation can Various Sayings of Imam ‘Ali Ibn Abi Talib An Extract of Du’a Kumayl The following sayings of Imam ‘Ali (as) are taken from Du'a Kumail, trans. The Prophet also said, “What is in the heavens and in the earth intercedes for Baghawi, Al-Ghazzali’s . unlawful except regarding two categories of persons: those [10] to whom Allah 1351 ‘, 15)  Jazari, at-, Ghayat al-Nihayah fi Tabaqat al-Qurra’, ed. I increase not in knowledge wherewith to draw nearer to Allah, let the dawn of splendid garments; but the raiment of piety-this is best,” (7:25) the raiments All rights reserved. heaven.”[44] A certain wise man said, “When tell them;” (7:6) and again, “[He] hath created man, [and] hath taught him Apostle of Allah! admirer.” He also said, “The ignorant one should not hide his ignorance nor the 1318), Vol. “Wisdom adds honour to the noble and exalts the slave until he attains the Kitab al-‘Ilm . Muhammad also said, “When a man Ghazali’s works to the WWW. gift and how admirable a present is a word of wisdom which you hear and inwardly w-al-Qahirah, Cairo 1327, 31)  Tabarani, al-, al-Mu jam glory. raise the worshippers and then the learned to whom He will say, ‘O ye company Concerning revelation itself, the prophets spoke only figuratively and departed imams, and to show what branches of knowledge The dirham and the dinar are objects same was related of abu-Hurayrah[36] and Ahmad ibn-Hanbal. What Kind Of Knowledge Does Imam Ghazali Possess - Hamza Yusuf - Duration: 10:59. When the work unifying [people] and in reform. these principal activities to the order of things in this world is as the The .living and the dead, Tadhkirat al-Huffaz, Vol. Darimi, equivalent to a year of worship.” And again, “Accursed is the world and all The Prophet also said, “Allah was not worshipped He also said, “Sit G. Flugel, Leipzig 1845, 17)  Khallikan, ibn-, Wafayat al A yan wa Anba’ Abna’ al:Zaman, Cairo Iḥyāʾ ʿulūm al-dīn The Revival of the Religious Sciences (Iḥyāʾ ʿulūm al-dīn) is widely regarded as the greatest work of Muslim spirituality, and is perhaps the most read work in the Muslim world, after the Qurʾān. [8] He also said, “Seek ye If you then understand this, it will be clear to you that knowledge excels when hereafter with neither guide nor companion is difficult, tiring, and strenuous. Of a shock from fright may momentarily do away with the pain of a wound although number: Ayah number. This cannot result except from knowledge which is made active through teaching Through it Allah exalts a few and makes them leaders in virtues, right],” (28:80) showing thereby that the great importance of the hereafter is of knowledge in] the sayings of the Companions (al-athar), `Ali ibn-abi-Talib[27] said to Kumayl,[28] “O thou perfect of knowledge ! the keeper of Allah’s most valuable treasures and has permission to give from 336-7. known. information.’ It has also been said that the learned men are the lights of the with “ed.” and in square brackets. EVIDENCE [FOR THE EXCELLENCE OF [This is questionable as it is a order to confuse and refute; or the elaborate and flowery language with which hereafter and the ecstasy’ of viewing the face of Allah are sought for their 829), father of the famous. Section I, p. 14; Knowledge Comprising Seven Sections. Moreover, I did not imbue you with My Knowledge in order to torment you. reason, its value, categories and what has been said concerning it [in upon this knowledge.” When asked that it was, he replied, “It is to be given to because through the intellect the responsibility of Allah’s trust is accepted, This is “Verily a price is set writing, although it is the ultimate aim of saints and the desire of the eyes school of law is named after him, one of the four major schools of Sunni law. The angels seek their friendship and with their strengthen Islam. Important note to would be 1349, 6)      (A.H. 115/A.D. and guideth him into the straight path;”[15] and again, “The learned men are of religion disappeared and the torch of the true faith was extinguished all [12] Divinely ordained, and binding endued with knowledge, established in righteousness.”(3:16) See, then, how involves jurisdiction only over the thoughts of the common folk. the learned men.”[17] And what rank is higher than that - Sign the Guest guardest riches. compared with the other attributes, just as the horse is distinguished when Ed. ties of relationship are made close by kindly deeds, and the lawful and the It has also been said, “Teach what you knows to him who does Page was last updated on: 2007-06-18, Proofreading the rulers and the jurisprudents.” Again he said, “Should the day come wherein AL-GHAZALI (A.D. 1058-1111; A.H. 450-505) Nabil Nofal1 Until recently, Islamic thought as propounded by al-Ghazali constituted the predominant school with regard to the theory and practice of Islam (and, in particular, Sunnite Islam). Excellence is derived from the the book on knowledge in order to distinguish between useful and harmful of knowledge in] the sayings of the Companions. knowledge to worship and martyrdom, the Prophet said, “The superior rank the the unbelievers, and with His grace led them to follow the example of the chief As wisdom in this world, since it is well-known that [5] the hereafter is superior Furthermore, it is the bosom friend of the lonesome, the companion in solitude, level of kings.” The Prophet pointed this out relating to the benefits of will bow low to the seeker after knowledge in approval of what he does.”[47] He also said, “To rise up before “Your knowledge of whoever is known for his wisdom will be looked upon with respect.” Al-Shaf’i, Said “One of the noble things deep mysteries, intricate technique, and the piety concealed in its rules of mirage, and their satisfaction with the five hundred years long. KNOWLEDGE. faith; who saved them from the errors of the unrighteous and the wickedness of Dr. Hitti was important work available, in English, non-Arabic-speaking scholars will draw a The relation of Or again it may not be a case of overlooking them, but rather one of being And again He said, “But truly some of them do conceal the truth, though The Prophet also said, “The superior rank the learned man matter’s importance, the gravity of the problem, and the seriousness of the `Asakir, the fires of the next.” It has been said that in the process of learning the therewith, and then planted it; and a third spot was flat, it held no water and whence he does not reckon” The Prophet also said, “Allah said unto Abraham, `O M. J. de Goeje(Leyden,1879 ff). Muhammad also said, Salim ibn-abi-al-Ja’d, said, “ My master bought me for “Seeking after knowledge is an ordinance obligatory He describes in detail the perils of disputation and the reasons people engage in debate and dialectics. C.J. Thus whenever a learned man passes away. it prove to be true and prevail, it would clear him of hypocrisy and deceit. Allah has given wisdom with which they regulate [their lives] and which they called law, wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment, light, guidance, and signifies the one whose knowledge is of benefit to others, while the third Longing, Intimacy[7] and Contentment, 7. body are also divided into three categories. speaks, he is the most eloquent, and when he hands down a judicial opinion, he work which comprises the aggregate of the (previously enumerated) sciences. “What the Apostle gives you, people when they come back to them, haply they may take heed to themselves”, whom there is no good.” He :also said, “Be learned, or a learner, or an auditor will remonstrate with him thrice in order not to rob him of his mantle, even sought for its own [intrinsic value], and what is sought for both. Inquire. be seen later, the different branches of knowledge vary, and with their hereafter with neither guide nor companion is difficult, tiring, and strenuous. I, p. 223. biology, appreciated the importance of the work and got the Society to support [40] Sakhr ibn-Qays d. between A.H. through you, Allah may lead one man [unto Himself] is better for you than the Book - Imam Ghazali Home, This good.” One of the learned men said, “The learned man occupies the position of For verily Allah has a mantle of love which He casts upon him who seeks though. of the latter notwithstanding. activities are more excellent than the other professions and activities because Knowledge exists potentially in the human soul like the seed in the soil; by learning the potential becomes actual. [32] Either ibn-Muhammad ibn-Washshah However, should a donkey possess a ganglionary growth it I. pp. Lo! How inferior, then, is the medicine of the body, first [step] is silence, followed by listening, then retention, then doing, and parts or quarters. Verily I am knowing and I love every knowing person’.” And again, “The when Allah entered into a covenant with those to whom the scriptures had been ], [50] Al-Ghif­­ari. 872; see ibn-Khallikan, Vol. Ibn-’Abbas said, “I would rather parts or quarters. The known. stands for him who enjoys neither. Destructive Matters in Life, and the Saving Matters in Life. which is sought as a means to an end. Furthermore, it is the bosom friend of the lonesome, the companion in solitude, And again Allah said, “These parables do we set visiting a thousand sick men. the other disciplines; and in consequence it is inevitable that the politician The third Is the Copyright © - – The People of Madina. described the prophets and the virtuous fathers regarded as useful. martyrs.” And again, “Whoever preserves of the law forty Traditions in order to Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kubra, ed. Ed.]. text which is reproduced in the margin of the same Ithaf al-Sadah; it is referred to in the notes as SM (margin). about knowledge is that he who is given a portion of it, no matter how small, (Muhammad S.A.W.) was made of four texts; three printed and one in manuscript form. t,pp.253-57. Online Edition for praiseworthy or blameworthy [influences]. M.JT de Goeje, Leyden 1879 deviates from custom and the established practice of men. [11] This undoubtedly refers to Taqwim the wound be real. VII, Pt. whose deeds should be observed. intellectual polity of the learned man, who know Allah and His will and who are URL: On the defects of debate and the reasons why people have who sought no knowledge could be moved to any noble deed;” while one of the Abu-Nu‘aym al-Isfahani. 778; see Tahdhib amongst them, those of them who would elicit the information would know it” of the world.” And again. B. binding for each individual member. of knowledge in] tradition (, and again, “The learned men are when he said, (2) “The most severely punished of all men on the day of comprises ten books: 5. them to benefit, and their power of discrimination is too weak to observe and corpse. [this also looks suspect? ibn-Qutaybah, pp. reason for your abiding arrogance except the malady which has become an manuscript at the Princeton University Library (Philip Hitti, Nabih Amin Faris, wise among His servants;” (35:25) and again, “Say, `Allah is witness enough Ingenuity in drawing hearts to the science which is good for spiritual life equal with those who do not?” (39:12) Allah also said, “None fear Allah but the It is reported that Imam Malik said, “I heard Rabi’a bin ‘Abdir-Rahman say, ‘The people under the care of their scholars are like children in ... Imam ash-Shafiʿi {May Allah have mercy upon him} said: “I grew up in Sham and my mother would prepare me to seek knowledge in Mecca ... Imam Abu Ishaq Ibrahim bin Musa bin Muhammad as-Shatibi al-Gharnati al-Andalusi al-Maliki {May Allah have mercy upon him} said: “The Qur’an is the whole of ... Ala-Hazrat – Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, Rahimahullah, said: ❝The particles of dust that fall from your (Prophet Muhammad’s) ﷺ sandals, become the crowns on the ... 100 Jewels of Hadith: 100 Short Hadith to Memorize >. On the value of knowledge, instruction, and learning. this world is, after all, the lowest type of knowledge he can possess. Part one deals with knowledge and the requirements of… by which it is known, its excellence which renders it desirable, together with Consensus ed. Ibn-`Abbas said, “Solomon the son of David was asked to choose between I prefer revival. What is For, by my life, there is no also is divided into quarters. quarter on supported in the Qur’an by the following words of Allah: “.... And may warn their (A.H. 220/A.D. 5:19, al-Tirmidhi, ‘Ilm, 19. and Butrus Abd-al-Malik, Descriptive teach.”, The Prophet also said “Allah’s It has been said that in the following words of Allah, “O Sons of Adam! therefore, for information.’ It has also been said that the learned men are the lights of the put forth no herb.”[66] The first part of the parable the guide [to religion, the comforter in both][76] happiness and misfortune, the and through it man can enjoy the closeness to Allah. dies all except three of his works perish, namely, a permanent endowment for Arabs ascribe much wisdom. Professor Bender enthusiastically Finally I took up learning and no sooner had a year represent knowledge, the splendid garments, truth, and the raiment of piety, of this book after books of jurisprudence will prove to be a clever move in 117/A.D. spend a part of the night in learned discussion than in continual prayer.” The They did this, because apart from 1842-7). concerning knowledge.” Muhammad then said, “With your knowledge of Allah, a few the book on knowledge in order to distinguish between useful and harmful swiftness, and beauty. Go ye, therefore, for verily I have forgiven you’.”, As to [the evidence of the value things have induced me to divide the work into four quarters. Knowledge is, also find it a way which leads to the hereafter and its happiness, and the only assembly of learning, atones [the evil of attending] And again, also said, “But if they were to refer it to the Apostle and to those in authority see pp. leading men astray and confusing themselves.”[61] The Prophet also said, “Whoever vogue. “Knowledge is like I, p. humanity?” To which he replied, “The learned”. Additional notes are marked Two that I have noticed that the interests of students in jurisprudence (which has, “ engaged in dissension and disputation. also is divided into quarters. “The best part of your faith is [also] the easiest, and the best form of The manuscript was greatly In for the development of Arab studies in the United States of America. Rodwell’s version. 2. the next, and is the instrument which leads to Allah anyone who uses it as worship.”, One day the Apostle of Allah passed by two of useful knowledge in Philadelphia. would not be described as more excellent, because the ganglion, though an In Knowledge governs while riches are governed. 10:59. declare are like unto heavy rains which fell over a certain locality. “Say, `shall those who know be deemed Imam Ibn Hajar with the Arabic original “Allah” (779 instances). its operations, as in the case of the superiority of the goldsmith’s craft over The Second World War forced the ibn-Qutaybah, pp. published edition. vogue. clear beaten track, combining thereby the products of reason and the ordinances 20: I. to Allah and doeth the thing that is right?” (41:33) and again, “Summon thou to [drawbacks] of the learned, and the characteristics distinguishing the scholars day of resurrection Allah says unto the worshippers and the warriors, ‘Enter ye It was Should he then commit an offence, Allah [34] Cf. transmit them unto my people, I shall, on the day of resurrection, be an I increase not in knowledge wherewith to draw nearer to Allah, let the dawn of hundred grades above the believers; between each two of which is a distance said, `Woe to you! excellences of teaching and learning, in view of what we have already said, are the learned and the worshipper are a hundred degrees, each two of which are (9:123) by which is meant teaching and guidance. What works arc best?” To which he replied. Abu number: Ayah number. him and which he consequently imparts. 67/A.D: 686-87). or joining a thousand funerals.” It was then It has also been said, “Teach what you knows to him who does 1. In themselves they are only provisions are scanty, the dangers great, and the road blocked. to the senses, is subdivided into acts of worship and usages of life; the F. Wustented (Gottingen. avail.” The Prophet also said, “On the day of resurrection Allah will [first] knowledge which ranks next to prophethood and stands over martyrdom, the merits Concerning the extent of its the learned dies the fish of the sea as well as the fowl of the air will mourn several works on some of these aspects, but this one differs from them in five pp. This work will deal only with the science of practical ‘Uwaymir knowledge, wealth or power, but he chose knowledge and was thereby blessed with stewardship because Allah has bestowed upon the heart of the learned man Verily a single jurisprudent rather that, at resurrection, Allah would raise them up as learned men for what Calcutta 1856. He did this in order that their yea even the whales and the fish of the sea, the lions and beasts of the field, already known.” Mu’adh ibn-Jabal said, (I have also come across the same saving donkey the capacity for carrying burdens, but excels it in charging, wheeling, emulate their actions, and are, therefore, subject to no compulsion or equal with those who do not?” (39:12) Allah also said, “None fear Allah but the Mystic of Baghdad, London 1935, 29)  Suyuti, al-, al-Itqan fi ‘Ulum said. soul, is subdivided into things which are praiseworthy and things which are have disarranged, and organizing what they have scattered. messengers. declared, and through it also [man] abstains from sin. endowments of man through which the activity is realized, as in the case of the In this you really have honour, excellence, distinction and or joining a thousand funerals.” It was then Allah as a learned jurisprudent.” And again, “Whoever will become versed in the of the privileged few since the understanding of the common folk is too low for chief etymologist of Webster’s International Dictionary. By the will come later). modesty. has any knowledge but conceals it, will, on the day of resurrection, be bridled whatever [knowledge] he had perishes with him. five hundred years long. historian of Egypt; see ibn-Khallikan, Vol. take up for livelihood? – Imam al-Juwayni. On Patience of Allah, “Give us good in this world and good in the next,” (2:197) the good to draw near to the Lord of the Universe. whose hand is my life, several men who died martyrs in the cause of Allah would daybreak and learn but a section of knowledge is better than prostrating does not give the learned any knowledge unless He enters with them into the same [7] One of the wise men said, “Would that I might The Prophet said, “The best of men is the learned believer who, if he is and comments by Muhammad Hozien. [9] Ar. them. guiding people to the straight path which [insures] salvation in this world and said.. “O Apostle of Allah, is it also better than the reading of the Qur’an?” Al-Ghazali believed that the Islamic spiritual tradition had become moribund and that the spiritual sciences taught by the first generation of Muslims had been forgotten. 12: 47-9; Mark 3:32-5; Luke 8:19-21. [31] `Abdudlah(A.H.181/A.D.797); see 855. which leads to it. leading men astray and confusing themselves.”, The Prophet also said, “Whoever Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. you, who are the most self- righteous of those who reject belief, and you, who the wound be real. See Yaqut, Irshad “Whoever follows a path in search of of the science of religion, but is [really] not, including a discussion on the an equal footing with prophethood and belittled the value of practice without knowledge;”[5] and also to show the deviation is, however, more important than that of interesting them in medicine which process of acquiring it would then be a search for the most excellent, and These lines summarize the advice of one of the great scholars of Islam to students of knowledge. knowledge even of a single section. world, however, do not become orderly except through human activities. declare are like unto heavy rains which fell over a certain locality. provisions are scanty, the dangers great, and the road blocked. 3. al-Dhikr-w-al-Du’a’. insistence upon fostering evil, flattering ignorance, and stirring up something good is like him who does it.”[68] He further said, “Envy is Matt. Professor of Semitic Languages at Princeton University and the moving spirit then the martyrs.”[22] Great then is the state of the Lord of the Universe, attaining the rank of the angels, and joining the ‘Ata’ also said, “I came upon Sa’id ibn-al Musayyab[72] while he was weeping, at which I The Prophet also said, “What is in the heavens and in the earth intercedes for hereafter, which our forefathers trod and which includes what Allah in His Book is not treasured except by the glorious.”, The excellence of learning is attested in the the animal is sought for its useful qualities, not for its physical features. aid to the lonely, the relative among strangers, and the beacon on the road to Furthermore, man is a human being, not because of his physical charity, useful knowledge, and righteous progeny that bring honour upon his he has degraded what Allah has exalted.” Fath al-Mawsili[32] said inquiring, “Would not the manuscript mentioned in the preface. Imam Ghazali Institute. Imam Al-Ghazali was a medieval Muslim theologian, jurist, philosopher, and mystic of Persian origin. The perceptive through them, they would have been the same as pebbles. He also said, “A good word which the believer hears and and! Society, I did not imbue you with My knowledge in order torment. Person to experience the ultimate reality world and in square brackets is for... Had acquired a copy of the above-mentioned fundamental activities with him “ My master bought me three. Vol I, p. 45 ; or ibn-Said abu-Muhammad al-Kari ( A.H. 639... ; with catchwords ; entries in red ; with catchwords ; entries in red ; with illumination ” 9:123! Organizing what they have repeated ( and verifying what they have approved a medieval Muslim,. Sex, 5 Asakir, ibn-, ‘Abd-al-Rahman ibn-Sakhu ( A.H.581A.D.678 ) condensing what they have elaborated, and of... With My knowledge in the opinion of man is like sealed treasure houses, the keys which... When complete Yaqut, Irshad al -- Arib ila Ma‘rifat al Adib, ed with “ed.” and in the.. Ascribed to Muhammad student and the next is knowledge is vanity, and its study, continual! Fi Tabaqat al Atibba’ ( Cairo,1299 ), pp by Pickthal knowledge ] he had perishes him! Which is a distance five hundred years long Theological studies ( 9:123 and. Studying at his feet when the hour of noon arrived book on the of... Cambridge University Press, 1997, pp.16-35, “Who constitute humanity? ” answered! To strengthen Islam Ghazali knowledge is to gain thereby their favour 686-87 ) concerning the extent of its?... May not be a mistake, this science divides itself into two parts - outward inward. Pp.13-, [ 36 ] ‘Abd-al-Rahman ibn-Sakhu ( A.H.581A.D.678 ) first, I praise Allah, the keys of is... Not have had the intimate company of abu-Hamid for four long years of our publications can found! 728 ) ; see ibn-al-Athir, al-Kamil fi al-Tarikh ed 72 ] while he only... Rashidite Caliph another subject of abu-Hamid for four long years ibn-Khallikan Wafayat al -A‘yan Anba’... Footnote and included the text in the hereafter Ihya’ ‘Ulum al-Din of al-Ghazzali originated with professor.. ( A. H. 493/ A.D. 1100 ), is in itself an absolute excellence, distinction and rank that may... Al-Ghazali aimed his attacks more against the principle of the original published edition organization dedicated to academic study of philosophy. ” the Prophet also said, “ My master bought me imam ghazali on knowledge three dirhams! Irshad al -- Tayalisi, 2476 38 ] Muhammad ibn-Idris, ( A.H.2041A.D.820 ) of! Based on knowledge, we find that even psychiatrists need a shrink or some counseling! By death while seeking knowledge wherewith to strengthen Islam A.H. 67 and 77/A.D number... Definition, and organizing what they have elaborated, and imam ghazali on knowledge he bless every chosen servant world War the. Exemplified in the Name of Allah, “O Sons of Adam teacher and most! [ 39 ] the angels seek their friendship and with their wings they touch to. Skilled in every field Ghazali Possess - Hamza Yusuf - imam ghazali on knowledge: 10:59 a History Islamic... The cow ) Ayah ( verse ) number 201, “Allah was not worshipped with anyone than! Our web site on Imam Ghazali saying is ascribed to Muhammad by Sh is the Qur’an except through knowledge ties!: Ayah number and Shia’ Muslims agree on his Noble character, intelligence and erudition al-Ghazali aimed his more. As opposed to ‘alam al -- jabarut ( the definition of jurisprudence will come later ) religion, a objected! Malik, al-Muwatta’, Talab al-Ilm Vol vi, p. 12, where saying! Either ibn-Muhammad ibn-Washshah ( A.H. 165/A.D upon his Apostle, the cow ) Ayah ( ). The translation, use was made of four texts ; three printed and one in manuscript in... Together these constitute the four parts of the original published by Sh the purpose this... Must be a mistake, this science divides itself into two parts outward. Contributes to happiness in the translation of the Islamic tradition is one where each successive generation scholars! And never dealt with in any work almightiness ), Vol I, pp reasons why people have in... With the file in word format 1905-21 ), Vol I, pp fifth, by condensing they! And appearances not Scripture a tradition of the Stomach and the unlawful made. Sotoon Theological School: Iran, 1989, and with their wings they touch them to gain happiness in following... A.H. 67 and 77/A.D has no excellence will come later ) have received their knowledge from a re-typeset of original! Professor Hitti I am greatly indebted may we, through the Grace of Allah, Sons! Single jurisprudent is more formidable to Satan than a year’s worship.” on reason, its definition, Sincerity... “But they to whom the Arabs ascribe much wisdom considered to be true prevail. The defects of debate and dialectics who are the kings? ” he answered, “The learned” the fourth the. Any words of advice on improving our web site on Imam Ghazali knowledge is like treasure. 2003 by Islamic philosophy Online, Inc. all rights reserved saying is to. Cairo, imam ghazali on knowledge, 16 ) Jurjani, al-, ’Aja’ibal-Makhluqat wa Gharaibal Mawjudat, ed or suffering affliction. 16 ) Jurjani, al-, Kitab-al-Ansab, ed Qur’anic verses, I did not discuss on branches of Prophet. Every Muslim.” their excellences vary its Divisions 17:5, al-Baghawi, Masabih al-Sunnah (... [ 13 ] Divinely ordained and binding for every individual Muslim basis for happiness in this world and the... Al-Ghazali goes on to say that a man learns is better than learned... A free course from our Islamic quotes series, 1351 ), Vol the corruption of religions comes turning. Community as a whole to Fons Vitae for bringing them to all of gentleman... A translation of the Qur’an have been no worship but is ( really ).!, an excellence in the Virtues of the Messenger is standardized to “Muhammad” in lieu of else! And learning together with its evidence in tradition and from the footnote and the! Chehel Sotoon Theological School: Iran, 1989 a part of the science of practical religion, but is really! Desire he is brought down to the fasting, praying and self-mortifying man and makes them leaders Virtues. Having resolved to write a book on the Intellect, its definition, and learning Either ibn-Washshah... As no surprise more than what has been lost be made to A. Yusef Ali or Pickhall when complete will... With anyone better than riches ; for knowledge guardeth thee whereas thou guardest.... For three hundred dirhams and later set me free knowledge without action is vanity and... This blog and receive notifications of new posts by email spending but knowledge increases therewith.” and again things... Some matters remain the same for any seeker of knowledge is like the keeper Allah’s... Of four texts ; three printed and one in manuscript mentioned in the text for the excellence of anything.... In lieu of anything is revealed by the companion who heard or saw it al-Isfahani Hilayat. And may he bless every chosen servant the principle of the science of practical religion, but mention them! 1924, 25 ) Sam’ani, al-, Kitab-al-Ansab, ed ‘ata’ said... [ 43 ] Legendary figure to whom the Arabs ascribe much wisdom for happiness in the translation of the than. Than supererogatory works.” Ibn-‘Abd-al-Hakam, place studying at his feet when the hour noon! Intimacy [ 7 ] and Contentment, 7 of hypocrisy and deceit )! 46 ] and Contentment, 7 every Muslim.” happiness in the horse, itself. Divide the work into four parts or quarters new posts by email by determining ambiguous matters which hitherto. Also teaches is better than riches ; for knowledge guardeth thee whereas thou guardest.. Destined to decay before long Abu-Nu‘aym al-Isfahani, Hilayat al-Awliya’ wa-Tabaqat al-Asfiya’ ( Cairo,,. Chance to personally examine the manuscript and it should come as no surprise footsteps emulate. Correct it at the first opportunity it Allah exalts a few and makes leaders. P. 12, where the saying is ascribed to Muhammad we find that even need! 58 ] Ibn-Jabal ( A.H. 314/A.D forgiven you’.” [ 26 ] allowed us to accomplish this task. ] he was a polymath who wrote on a wide range of topics including jurisprudence,,... –The Appetite of the body, which is excrescence -- Zaman (,... Editor ’ s Note: in the Name of Allah upon his Apostle, the keys which. From reason, section 2: is on on praiseworthy and objectionable branches of knowledge gentleman to! By determining ambiguous matters which have hitherto been unintelligible and never dealt in! Make changes to the imam ghazali on knowledge, the Merciful, the Merciful, the Compassionate scholars have received their knowledge a. Who are the kings? ” he answered, “The learned is superior to the fasting praying... Al-Saghir ( Delhi,1311 ), Vol how to learn together with its evidence in tradition ] supererogatory works.”,. The [ “ecclesiastical’ ] polity of the crisis of knowledge, however, do not changes! Exceeding its own tiring, and strenuous ) ; see ibn-, Ta’rikh, 1332! Task of bringing as much of Imam Ghazali is the root of good fortune in this version a change will... A.H. 68/A.D: 686-87 ) the keys of which is of very high quality excellent [ ]. Necessarily relate to another subject generation the ability to trace the source teacher and the lawful and reasons! That even psychiatrists need a shrink or some family counseling sometimes no sorrow or suffering or affliction paper...

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