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A couple weeks in the boatyard and around Langkawi

After a little over a week back in Singapore to rest and work after reaching Langkawi, I flew back up for a couple weeks to spend some time working on the boat.  It was really busy with lots of things … Continue reading


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Mainsail; some small projects; route planning

The clock is ticking and in just a couple weeks I’ll be heading up to Langkawi to haul out and start major refit work.  In the meantime I’m still working on a bunch of little tasks. Over the weekend I … Continue reading

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A lot of random little progress

I haven’t been focusing on any one big task lately since my todo list before shipping up to Langkawi next month is just full of a zillion little things.  My plan now is to head up to Langkawi to begin … Continue reading


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Hatches; Langkawi; Phuket

With some scrambling, I managed to finish installing all three new hatches before we left town for Phuket last Thursday.  They ended up looking pretty nice and passing all my leak tests.  The only issue was I was a bit … Continue reading


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A day of material/part hunting; windows; life aboard

I started the weekend out with a Friday spent zooming all over Singapore in taxis, buses, and trains to pick up various materials.  Singapore may look small on the map but it’s a pretty big place if you don’t have … Continue reading

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Lots of shopping; watermakers

With my ongoing downtime thanks to LASIK that is prohibiting me from fun activities like sanding or spraypainting that involve particulate matter or aerosols, I have been busying myself with trying to source all kinds of bits and pieces for … Continue reading

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Windows; LEDs; prop shaft; boarding ladder; sinking neighbor

It was a pseudo-busy boat weekend, although I don’t think there’s much substantial to show for it.  On Thursday I wrapped up a couple dangling projects and continued working on the dodger windows.  Those are coming along mostly nicely and … Continue reading


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Beta Marine 38 will be Oia’s new engine

After a little back and forth with Beta Marine’s sales guy, I have a quote for the engine (with various options) that is a good 30% better than my original estimate.  All I had to do was ask for a … Continue reading


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Engine planning; solar controller; chartplotter; inflatable; ascender; LED anchor/tri lights

Had a flurry of boat activity Thursday and Friday last week, which didn’t carry over into the weekend despite my original intentions.  Still, I got a lot done. Thursday I met with yet another mechanic to talk about a repower. … Continue reading


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LED tri/anchor lights; inflatables; windows

I ordered a couple LED running lights from Bebi Electronics to replace the incandescent bulbs in my masthead tricolor and anchor lights.  I went with a “Masina Malosi” warm white light for the tri, and “Owl” bright white light for the … Continue reading

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