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Repower whining; window painting; dinghy; LASIK

I am finding planning the repower job to be a terrible mess.  I have a spreadsheet with 94 rows (and counting) to keep track of all the different contractors I’ve been in touch with for stuff like the actual installation; … Continue reading


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Engine; windows; life raft

I met with engineers from the local Westerbeke distributor Thursday, and I was decently pleased with their competence in measuring and poking around to see if the 44C would be a suitable engine.  After 45 mins or so they left … Continue reading

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Engine quotes; LPG overhaul; NMEA; transom

Got my hands on a couple more repower-related quotes over the last week or so. A Yanmar dealer up in Phuket was only interested in installing Yanmar engines; I found that a 4JH5E with a 7° down-angle gearbox would probably … Continue reading

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Engine planning; chartplotter & GPS

I finally managed to get my first quote for the repower job, from the Singaporean mechanics who came to look at the boat last week.  The quote is fairly sparse on details.  The lump sum labor cost is quoted as … Continue reading

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Engine planning; solar controller; chartplotter; inflatable; ascender; LED anchor/tri lights

Had a flurry of boat activity Thursday and Friday last week, which didn’t carry over into the weekend despite my original intentions.  Still, I got a lot done. Thursday I met with yet another mechanic to talk about a repower. … Continue reading


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Engine lead; windows

Charlene ran into Andy, captain of Hye Seas II, on the bus Sunday, and she asked him if he had any leads for mechanics who could help with repair or repower.  He immediately called up Jean Pierre, a French dude … Continue reading

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Dodger glass; visitors; shopping; engine

Last weekend there were elections in Singapore, which meant Monday was yet another holiday.  Still, I didn’t get quite as much done aboard the boat as the previous weekend. The main task continues to be replacing all the dodger glass. … Continue reading


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Fan; baking; dodger glass; foot pump; dinghy; etc

It was a busy long weekend at the boat (Monday was Labor Day in Singapore).  I started Saturday by making my usual rounds at Jalan Besar looking for various hardware.  I was surprised to find that even Poey Huat, which is … Continue reading


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How not to sell an engine; other engines; solar; etc

Yesterday a Yanmar rep came by the boat to try to sell me a 4JH5E engine.  I had previously contacted him about the 3JH5E, a smaller engine, but I guess he didn’t really want to sell me that.  I was … Continue reading

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Engine; etc

Went over the engine with a mechanic from Swift Marine this morning.  He basically confirmed all the same issues I’d already identified, the most important ones being that the transmission is leaking pretty badly and will need to come off … Continue reading

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