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Engine; etc

Went over the engine with a mechanic from Swift Marine this morning.  He basically confirmed all the same issues I’d already identified, the most important ones being that the transmission is leaking pretty badly and will need to come off … Continue reading

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Filters, etc

The “big” task this weekend (aside from continuing to clean up the boat before Mom and Dad fly in this week) was giving the engine some much-needed attention and changing the oil, the oil filter, and the fuel filters.  Somehow … Continue reading

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Oven trim; engine cleaning; dodger glass; sore toe

This weekend there was a lot of shopping and not really a lot of accomplishing, or so it felt. I did a few random jobs on deck: replacing fender ropes on a couple fenders, seizing shackles on the Bruce anchor … Continue reading

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Rain, rain, (and engine issues) go away

It was a washout of a weekend in Singapore.  The Northeast Monsoon finally decided to get kind of monsoony.  Shame the hatch is still out of my deck.  Partly due to the rain, it was a weekend of half successes … Continue reading

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Battery straps/fuses; shopping; hatch

It was another mostly busy weekend.  Friday I headed for the boat in the early afternoon and spent the first half of the day dismantling the house battery wiring, pulling out the house batteries, and installing some battery hold-down straps. … Continue reading


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Fuel line; anemometer; cosmetics

On Saturday, I finally removed the leaky fuel line from the engine, with quite a bit of difficulty as it was not very reachable, down in the depths of the engine compartment and obscured by a lot of other stuff … Continue reading

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Tioman trip recap

Following is a way-too-long writeup of our trip up to Tioman and back, which ended up lasting eight days instead of the originally planned seven.  Aboard were Doug, Charlene, and Charlene’s cousin Debbie. Tuesday night was a flurry of shopping … Continue reading

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Oven; DCSM; electronics; sea trial; engine

Another full weekend of installing things, fixing things, testing things, and generally getting ready to leave for Malaysia Wednesday morning. On Thursday (Thanksgiving!) I did some shopping in the morning and picked up various small electrical stuff.  I stopped by … Continue reading

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Vendors in Singapore

The more work I do on Oia, the more I interact with various marine, hardware, and other vendors here in Singapore.  I am slowly working out which ones I like and would recommend, and which ones I don’t really think … Continue reading

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More electrical work; tank senders; chartplotter

This weekend also ended up dedicated to the new electrical system.  Last weekend was the hard slog of wiring all the individual loads back to terminal strips and bus bars.  This weekend was all about the heavy duty core wiring … Continue reading


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