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Windows; LEDs; prop shaft; boarding ladder; sinking neighbor

It was a pseudo-busy boat weekend, although I don’t think there’s much substantial to show for it.  On Thursday I wrapped up a couple dangling projects and continued working on the dodger windows.  Those are coming along mostly nicely and … Continue reading


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Dodger glass; visitors; shopping; engine

Last weekend there were elections in Singapore, which meant Monday was yet another holiday.  Still, I didn’t get quite as much done aboard the boat as the previous weekend. The main task continues to be replacing all the dodger glass. … Continue reading


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Fan; baking; dodger glass; foot pump; dinghy; etc

It was a busy long weekend at the boat (Monday was Labor Day in Singapore).  I started Saturday by making my usual rounds at Jalan Besar looking for various hardware.  I was surprised to find that even Poey Huat, which is … Continue reading


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Hatch; dodger glass; TV

It was kind of a lax weekend at the boat — it seemed like a busy weekend spent elsewhere, mostly.  However, a few things did get done.  On Thursday Doug and I finally got the new hatch mounted and sealed. … Continue reading


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Tioman trip recap

Following is a way-too-long writeup of our trip up to Tioman and back, which ended up lasting eight days instead of the originally planned seven.  Aboard were Doug, Charlene, and Charlene’s cousin Debbie. Tuesday night was a flurry of shopping … Continue reading

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Living on a boat in Singapore: a six-month cost comparison

Some time ago after living aboard Oia for a month I crunched some numbers and came up with a premature analysis to see how expensive living aboard is relative to renting an apartment in Singapore. Now that I’ve been living … Continue reading


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Shower sump; alternator; etc.

Thursday night last week I got to the boat kind of late with all sorts of grand plans for things I could get done, and I was quickly derailed (what’s new?) by the shower sump pump.  As soon as I … Continue reading


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Electrical; AC; etc.

I met a couple days ago with two sales guys from Tritex to talk about inverter/chargers and marine air conditioning. They brought to my attention this Dolphin 80A charger which accepts a nice worldwide voltage range and both 50/60 Hz … Continue reading


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Alternator; starter batteries; LPG system

Saturday was a really productive boat day. In the morning, Jamal, a Malay marine electrician recommended by Neo of Best Marine, came by to help me with the alternator installation.  I’m pretty glad I got some help: I think I … Continue reading


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Video: tour of the cabin

One of the things I picked up in the US was a Kodak Playsport, which is a neat little waterproof HD video camera.  I just threw together a quick little video tour below decks; I’ll make another one soon above … Continue reading


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