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LED tri/anchor lights; inflatables; windows

I ordered a couple LED running lights from Bebi Electronics to replace the incandescent bulbs in my masthead tricolor and anchor lights.  I went with a “Masina Malosi” warm white light for the tri, and “Owl” bright white light for the … Continue reading

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Dodger glass; visitors; shopping; engine

Last weekend there were elections in Singapore, which meant Monday was yet another holiday.  Still, I didn’t get quite as much done aboard the boat as the previous weekend. The main task continues to be replacing all the dodger glass. … Continue reading


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Mom and Dad are here

My parents arrived last week, and are staying aboard Oia at One 15 while they’re here.  We’re having a great time zooming around Singapore.  Here they are last night at Banana Leaf Apolo in Little India: Tomorrow we’re off to … Continue reading

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Back from St John

I just returned to Singapore this morning from St John in the USVI, via St Thomas, Puerto Rico, NYC, and Shanghai.  Quite a trip.  It was great to finally spend some time with Lee and Rachel, along with everyone else. … Continue reading

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Cleaning, organizing; chartplotter mount

It’s a period of not too much boat related activity.  Charlene and I were in Krabi last weekend.  This weekend we worked on cleaning up the boat, organizing, etc.  We gave the deck a much needed and long-overdue scrub, and … Continue reading

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Recent activity

I have been using Redmine for some time now as an issue tracking tool for all the various projects I’m working on (or need to work on) for Oia.  I’ve been using the same tool for a few years at … Continue reading


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Radar; Doug’s gone

This weekend was spent entirely on a task — installing the radar — which really should have taken a couple hours but ended up gobbling up four days.  (That seems to be the storyline behind most of the things I’ve … Continue reading

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Fuel line; anemometer; cosmetics

On Saturday, I finally removed the leaky fuel line from the engine, with quite a bit of difficulty as it was not very reachable, down in the depths of the engine compartment and obscured by a lot of other stuff … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Touched down in Singapore Sunday after some holiday travel.  I had a great time at home in the snow for Christmas: lots of snowshoeing, cookies, pies, cold air, reading, avoidance of all things Internet related, and relaxing. I had less … Continue reading

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Vendors in Singapore

The more work I do on Oia, the more I interact with various marine, hardware, and other vendors here in Singapore.  I am slowly working out which ones I like and would recommend, and which ones I don’t really think … Continue reading

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