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Lowrance HDS USR4 in gpsbabel

I’m still alive! I mentioned previously that I’d found a script from someone implementing a conversion to GPX from the new-ish Lowrance USR4 format, from their HDS chartplotters, of which I have one.  I also mentioned I might try adding … Continue reading

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Langkawi GPS track

Thanks to a simple script written by someone else having the same GPS data exporting problems as I with their Lowrance HDS chartplotter, I was able to extract all the GPS data from the trip up to Langkawi.  I have … Continue reading

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Quick trip to the boatyard

A week ago I took a quick trip up to Langkawi for a few days to see how things were coming along in the boatyard and do a little work of my own there. The first thing I noticed was … Continue reading


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A couple weeks in the boatyard and around Langkawi

After a little over a week back in Singapore to rest and work after reaching Langkawi, I flew back up for a couple weeks to spend some time working on the boat.  It was really busy with lots of things … Continue reading


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Trip recap: Singapore to Langkawi

A brief summary: after a much longer than expected journey, Oia is in Langkawi on the hard stand at the B&V yard a few miles from Kuah.  It was quite an adventure: we departed One 15 Marina at dawn on October 20 … Continue reading


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Trip prep; NMEA wiring

I’ve set most project-type tasks aside to get Oia tidied up for next week’s trip.  At this point everything’s mostly in order: decently well provisioned (except for perishables which I’ll pick up the day before we sail), most stuff stowed … Continue reading


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A mostly preparatory weekend

Almost ready to sail up to Langkawi.  We spent most of the weekend at the boat cleaning, organizing, and tying up loose ends.  The dockbox finally got emptied out after a year and a half of accumulation of random stuff. … Continue reading

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A lot of random little progress

I haven’t been focusing on any one big task lately since my todo list before shipping up to Langkawi next month is just full of a zillion little things.  My plan now is to head up to Langkawi to begin … Continue reading


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Various tinkering, measuring, identifying, and testing

Yesterday was National Day here in Singapore (happy birthday Singapore) so instead of working, Charlene and I headed over to the boat to accomplish some stuff.  I’m still on light duty so mostly I spent the day measuring, identifying, and … Continue reading

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Lots of shopping; watermakers

With my ongoing downtime thanks to LASIK that is prohibiting me from fun activities like sanding or spraypainting that involve particulate matter or aerosols, I have been busying myself with trying to source all kinds of bits and pieces for … Continue reading

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