Interview on Channel News Asia

Just before we flew to NYC back in early February, Charlene and I were interviewed — along with another couple in One 15 Marina — by a Channel News Asia property program called SPEED about living aboard in Singapore.  Wayne kindly digitized the program for me when it aired — here it is:


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  1. Jet & Serene

    Hey Kris & Charlene,

    Really glad to find your interesting blog on living aboard!
    My wife and I are contemplating to get a boat for live aboard at One15, together with our 1.5 yr old daughter. Totally new to the boating scene and would like to catch up to learn of your experience. We have read your blog posts and already found them to be extremely beneficial in our quest for a road less traveled!

    Thanks so much. Please let us know when you are in town to catch up over a drink.


    • Hi Jet & Serene,

      Glad it’s been useful! I definitely encourage you to explore living aboard further! I’ve seen quite a few boats with young children aboard and often thought it’s probably a really neat way to grow up and would give your daughter a perspective and world view that is hard to achieve with a more “normal” lifestyle.

      I’m not in SG very often anymore (moved to NYC) but will let you know if I’m in town. In the meantime, feel free to email me (beevek at gmail dot com) if I can help/advise as you explore your adventure!


  2. Jason Soh

    Hi Kris,

    Saw your twit, so sad that you are parting with Oia. Just when you are officially ending your liveaboard, I will be beginning my by year end.

    I have read your blog from first to last, it has given me much information to help me in realizing my dream. I thank you for the detailed blog and do keep in on so that I can often come back as reference.

    If nothing goes wrong, I’m buying direct from a owner, a Jeanneau Sundance 36 and liveaboard by year end. I will be doing this with my wife and two daughters (16,12) . The boat is currently mooring at Changi Sailing Club, which I will move her to SAFYC @ Sembawang.

    If you do come back to Singapore, do let me know, would love to have you over at my place (She will be named “Edgewater”).

    Again, Thank you for a great blog

    • Jason,

      Thanks for your note! Very sad indeed that we’re parting with Oia, but c’est la vie — life’s always taking us in random directions. I’m sure I’ll have another boat soon enough (although my next boat will probably be a lot smaller and simpler, since I probably won’t live aboard).

      I’m really glad this blog has helped you in your quest to do something similar! I’m always excited to hear from others who are dreaming and doing the same sort of thing, and I’m absolutely sure you won’t regret it. There will be a lot of challenges but as long as you treat them as learning experiences you’ll have no trouble at all.

      Do let me know once you’ve settled into Edgewater, I’m sure I will be back to Singapore fairly often since Charlene is Singaporean. I’d love to come by and say hi!


      • Jason Soh

        So when you guys going to tie the knot?

        Will be going for sea trial next week, and try to transfer ownership by end Oct.

        And please do come by when you guys return to the little red dot. :)

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