Trip prep; NMEA wiring

I’ve set most project-type tasks aside to get Oia tidied up for next week’s trip.  At this point everything’s mostly in order: decently well provisioned (except for perishables which I’ll pick up the day before we sail), most stuff stowed and lashed down, most systems tested and working, safety equipment in place, backup anchors ready, etc.  I still need to dump some ATF in the leaky gearbox and run the engine in gear for a little while to be totally confident it’s up to the job of getting us far out enough to raise sails; but I’m waiting until later next week as it seems kind of silly to just have all the ATF leak out again before we depart.  CIQP paperwork is all ready to deliver to MPA.

I spoke with the B&V yard in Langkawi on the phone.  The engine still hasn’t arrived but the local delivery company has made all the arrangements with the yard to get it there by Monday or Tuesday.  Seems like delivering it to a company (B&V) instead of a private individual complicated matters quite a bit.  Who knew.

I noticed when doing some battery testing last week that the DCSM, while giving proper current draw readings, was not integrating them so it always reported the batteries as totally full.  In the end I had to factory reset the unit and recalibrate it to get it working again.  All in all I can’t say I’ve been very impressed by the unit, but at least it’s working again now.

Tonight I noticed that my inter-bulkhead lifelines that will eventually be for lee cloths have become glorified clothes lines, which is pretty much what I was predicting after I first got them installed:

The one project I did spend some time on yesterday and today was finally getting my Actisense NDC-4 NMEA multiplexer all wired up and tested.  Took me almost a year to get around to it, but now I can finally see AIS and wind data on both my chartplotter and laptop.  I still haven’t figured out why the autopilot isn’t sending out heading messages though.  Anyway, here’s a  screenshot from the chartplotter with GPS, AIS, wind, and radar data.  Until I can get compass heading data on the network I can’t align the radar and overlay it on the chart.

This evening Charlene cooked up a tasty meal aboard; it’s probably her last night on Oia for a while and the next time she sees the boat it will be pretty significantly transformed.  I can’t wait to get the refit underway.


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  1. Hi Kris,
    Word of advice. You should either fix your transmission leak or avoid publishing your unlawful behaviour!

    I’m Derek Jean, owner of Foot Loose, the first Acapulco 40 ever produced in 1967 before Islander got hold of the molds and made your boat. I hope you are enjoying your hull and deck. I love Foot Loose and am amidst a full restoration. Just to let you know, minus the dodger and you will be left with an incredibly sexy looking Oia.

    Do you have intentions of setting sail far? If you make it to the Southern BC coast stop by Quadra Island for a visit.

    Derek Jean

    • Hi Derek,

      Great to hear from you! Fortunately I’m able to capture the leaking ATF to avoid anything unlawful. But indeed I’m enroute right now to replace the entire (original) engine. The current one failed outright this morning so we’re slowly sailing up the Malaysian coast.

      As part of that job the cockpit roof is coming off too so things will indeed start looking prettier. I do like the hard dodger but the roof will be replaced with a canvas bimini.

      These are beautiful boats which is why I bought Oia in the first place. They’re old enough now though to need some serious refitting and I must say it’s very frustrating to spend so much time fixing and so little sailing. But we’re nearing the end of the tunnel with Oia.

      Next year we’re planning to sail to Japan, and the following year Vancouver via Alaska, so I may indeed stop by for a visit!

      Cheers and stay in touch,

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