Hatches; Langkawi; Phuket

With some scrambling, I managed to finish installing all three new hatches before we left town for Phuket last Thursday.  They ended up looking pretty nice and passing all my leak tests.  The only issue was I was a bit impatient with the paint, so it’s not as tough as it should be.  Not a big deal since I just needed to get something in place until the deck is repainted in either Langkawi or Phuket.

I haven’t been back to the boat since returning to Singapore earlier today, but here’s hoping they really were leak-proof while we were gone.

I learned that thanks to the engine shipment delay and some pre-existing travel plans of my engineer in Langkawi, the trip up there and the repower job will have to be delayed until near the end of October.  That’s pretty disappointing, but at the very least the engine should have arrived by then.  In the meantime there is always plenty of stuff here to keep me busy.

In Phuket, between lounging on beaches and gorging on green curry, we zoomed over to Boat Lagoon and met there with David Samuelson of Precision Shipwrite Services to talk about Oia‘s rig.  The main things I want to work with him on are getting rid of the ridiculous roller furling mainsail (reverting to the original slab-reefed main), and a general inspection/update of the standing and running rigging.  We also talked briefly about lazy jacks, solent stays, and sailmakers in Phuket.  We had stopped by Rolly Tasker‘s warehouse but didn’t manage to talk to anyone there.  The general opinion of just about everyone in Phuket, though, is that a company called Local Sails run by a guy named Ket is the much better option for cruising sails.  I didn’t manage to talk to Ket while we were in Phuket but I got his contact details.  I’m tentatively planning to have a new mainsail, a new (roller reefing) genoa, and maybe a solent sail made.  Like my engineer in Langkawi, David has some scheduling constraints that don’t quite line up with my original plans, so it looks like the rigging work can only really happen around the end of January.  My next steps there are to snap some photos and take some measurements for him so we can work on an initial plan.

Also in Phuket we stopped by East Marine and I picked up a new Singapore courtesy flag (cheaper than in Singapore) and a couple local charts.


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  1. Guoste

    So you are just travelling around Asia with your boat? :)

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