Charlene: Long weekends on S/V Oia

Another post from First Mate Charlene!

Seeing as it was the long weekend, with the Presidential Elections and Hari Raya holiday, we spent quite some time on Oia. When I spend a longer time on the boat, it affects my sea sickness less. So all in all, it was a wonderful weekend semi-relaxing on the boat with Robot!

However, what made the weekend awesome was that we finally went out sailing!  Unfortunately not on Oia, but on S/V Malaika – our neighbors’ boat.  Owen and Jessica were the sweetest in inviting us out on their wonderful boat.  It was a really nice day out and sailing was a breeze (no pun intended)! It was windy, hot but not overpowering and generally the wind direction didn’t change that much. As such we were slowly pushed along by the wind and circled around some islands.

I love this picture of Malaika‘s sails!

And also this lovely one of Jessica and I!

We looked really happy in the picture above. Mostly because we were!

It was a wonderful day to be out; in fact this was one of the best days that I have been out on a sailboat ever! There was wind but not too much, the boat wasn’t heeling over too much, the waves were also cooperating and not bumping my butt up and down too much. Owen, Kris, Fion and Wayne were manning the boat, and Jess and I could just chill and float around happily, occasionally posing for a picture like the one above.  Ahh, sheer bliss! That, my friends, is what ideal boating life should be!

At the end of the sail, we even managed to squeeze in a boat party with the most happening dock in One 15 Marina, the folks on the M-dock, where there is a party almost every night. Met some very interesting people, boaters with a different story to tell. Will talk about them some other time, after I gather more intelligence!

While on the sailing adventure, Jess was sharing some galley tips as well as pointing me to some blogs that talked about cooking aboard. I must say it’s almost as important as having a working engine. After all, you would not want your food to run out or get infected by pests on a voyage. That got me googling other boat blogs and researching galley ideas. I finally have something useful to do! That’s going to be my little project on the boat: Project Anti-Starvation! To make Kris’s mom happy, I am going to add healthy foods as a subset of my main project: cook with less salt and more spices, more fresh vegetables and fruits whenever possible.

The freezer is also something I must look at, considering how important it is to be able to freeze and store fresh food. We have a top loading fridge with a good freezer. I use the term “good” loosely, because it serves its purpose very well, when you keep it running with shore power it pretty much is able to freeze stuff permanently. The problem now, however, is maximizing it when we occasionally turn it off while sailing to save on battery power. I’m not sure how efficient it might be, simply because the freezer compartment is at the top of the lid. There is also some ominous greenish algae at the bottom edge, which is an awfully hard place to reach to clean. But there is nothing a little bit of ingenuity cannot solve, and after all if I can sort of see it, I’m sure I can sort of clean it. Being slightly obsessive compulsive about organizing, I am still racking my brains about the best way to store food so that I can easily access the stuff I need all the time, while ensuring I’m maximizing all the space inside the fridge to the best of my ability. One important task is to store items that require varying degrees of coldness as efficiently as I can, while ensuring that stuff doesn’t leak, get squashed, and get banged and destroyed when the boat is on its way. Also, I need to compartmentalize and store things in such a manner that they won’t roll around or squash the more delicate items. I need to freeze items in small packets too so that it’s easier to cook our meals without unfreezing an entire slab of meat. Label expiry dates on ziplock meals to ensure nobody has stomach issues. Make sure things don’t leak, because it would be a pain to remove everything to wipe off chicken blood/orange juice at the bottom of the fridge. YUCK!

To put things in perspective, it’s like having a big box and trying to play UNO stacko whenever you need an item, but ensuring that the other blocks don’t fall. However it is more like an UNO stacko expansion set, because:

  1. Everything is odd shaped
  2. The boat is in constant motion.

However, I accept the challenge. I have also spent 300+ words on the freezer alone, and that my friends is a testament to my dedication to organization!

So that was what I spend time looking at and researching, while Kris was poking around the boat this weekend. In between we managed to squeeze in some time to have a date at Bakerzin! We had Spanish ham pizza, which was awesome. Here’s a picture to prove it:

And here’s the two of us, happily in love to end the post, somewhat abruptly, until next time folks!


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  1. Marcus

    Was indeed fun reading through your blog. We are currently fixing up our yacht over in Pasir Gudang, JB and whatever you did really sounds like what I’m going through right now! We might just see each other on the waters soon. Cheers and have a great time over there!

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