A day of material/part hunting; windows; life aboard

I started the weekend out with a Friday spent zooming all over Singapore in taxis, buses, and trains to pick up various materials.  Singapore may look small on the map but it’s a pretty big place if you don’t have a car and are headed out to the hinterlands where a lot of the warehouses and stockists are.  I generally can’t expect to go out and back from the boat or anywhere else without spending at least 2-3 hours for the errand, even to someplace fairly downtown-ish like Jalan Besar: first there’s a bus from the marina; then a train ride; and then either a bit of a walk or a bus or two to get to whatever shop I’m headed to.

So that’s why the fact that I made it to four disparate destinations Friday is kind of a big deal.

First I headed up to Sungei Kadut to meet Bob from Teak.net.  He’s a really friendly American guy who happens to import Burmese teak.  Charlene and I met him for coffee downtown last weekend; Friday I finally found time to make the trek up to his warehouse.  To make a long story short, Bob made me very, very happy by handing me a couple stacks of 1/2″ teak planks without accepting a cent from me.  It may be scrap to him but it’s valuable, hard to find, and beautiful lumber to me:

I am planning to use it first to make an enclosure for my chartplotter; and later maybe to make a flush mounting panel for the nav station.  I later added the teak to my stack of marine ply (for some shelves behind the nav station) and now have kind of a lot of wood aboard:

After that I headed over to Best Marine Electrical to pick up a couple more BEP TS1 tank senders and a programming kit.  Mr Neo was nice enough to give me the programming kit for free in exchange for some help getting his own kit up and running on his computer.  Feels nice to finally find some good, friendly, really dependable vendors.

I picked up a few other things this weekend.  Here are a couple military size HDPE jerry cans for outboard gas (my old tank was starting to disintegrate):

The military size jerry cans have a much nicer size envelope than the more common fat jerry cans you find around here.  I want to pick up some yellow diesel ones and maybe some blue water ones, but that’ll have to wait until I can find someone selling them for a semi-reasonable price.

I also replaced all my pyrotechnics (which were about 15 years old):

Left to right: 6x red handheld flares; 2x orange smoke signals; and 4x parachute rockets.  Also found out that One 15 will take care of disposal of outdated pyrotechnics and EPIRBs, which is nice.

I built a new snubber line for the anchor chain — ~50 ft 5/8″ nylon:

My existing snubber is 1/2″ nylon at 15 ft, which is normally fine but not enough for heavier conditions.  This one should be good for pretty much all conceivable cases.

Charlene helped me a bit with spraypainting the UV strip around the edge of the dodger windows.  I’ve been waiting on this step since I did LASIK but finally felt like it just needed to get done this weekend.  After a bit of sanding we got all the painting done, so now the windows are ready to drill and mount this week:

Charlene cooked some tasty stuff aboard this weekend — couscous, hot dogs, salad:

— and we had a yummy Sunday evening dinner:

Next week some friends are coming over for a BBQ, so the pressure is on to finish up the dodger windows and clean up the detritus of a thousand projects.

Here, by the way, is a photo of the boat I snapped this weekend.  On the whole, I’d say Oia‘s doing okay these days, but is suffering from an overabundance of materials, parts, and other bits and pieces that are just awaiting installation, sorting, or otherwise sitting around until I can put them in their proper place:

Lastly, I have been challenged by a good friend to spend a little less time writing about fixing things, and a little more time writing about the fact that I live on a boat in Singapore, which all things considered is pretty cool, and communicating (especially to my friends and family back in the US) what that’s like.  I don’t think I succeeded today, but I’ll try to do some more of that in the days and weeks to come.

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