LASIK; repower contractor at last

I did the LASIK surgery last week.  Recap in a nutshell: it was totally worth it, and it’s very exciting to be able to see pretty much all the time.  Only downside is there’s some recovery time involved.  Currently I’m still seeing things through a mild smoky sheen (almost gone after a few days though), and having the typical night-time halos around anything bright.  That’ll all go away eventually.  A little more grating for me is that I can’t do much of anything for a couple weeks at least — certainly no sanding, grinding, and I guess spray painting (although I was about to go ahead and try some of that tonight before Charlene convinced me otherwise).  Better safe than sorry when it comes to your eyes.  So it’ll be another couple weeks before I can wrap up the last bit of work to install the side dodger windows, or do anything much else of consequence.

Here’s pretty much the most intensive thing I’ve been able to do on the boat since the surgery:

I glued a little chunk of veneer that’d broken off the head door.  Thrilling.

Other than that, I have done some cleanup and organizing; and brought the new dinghy to the boat, although I haven’t inflated it yet.  May do that this coming weekend.

I finally have some good news on the repower front: after a little further prodding, it looks like I’ve got a contractor (Australian guy named Pete) squared away in Langkawi to do the job.  I’m pretty happy with it too, as everyone I ask about the best mechanics in Langkawi puts him at the top of their list.  Now to get down to business with all the other logistics, and see if I can line someone decent up to do some fiberglassing and painting too.

On Pete’s advice, I’m going to stop worrying about the prop until the boat is out of the water.  There are a couple good prop shops in Langkawi that can probably machine a new prop within my time constraints; or if I need to I can fly one in from overseas.

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