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Busy rainy weekend: hatches; socializing

We had a busy weekend at the marina. I accomplished a few fixit-type tasks.  My main goal for the weekend was to get all three of the old small cabin hatches replaced with the new ones.  Things started out well … Continue reading

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Dodger windows: finally done

With some help from Charlene during the critical seal-and-bolt phase of work, the dodger windows are finally done today.  (Okay, still need to tighten some bolts in a few days, but that doesn’t count.)  I am really happy with how everything … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: the Missus, on living aboard

My fiancée Charlene read my last post and decided she wanted to get in on the action too.  She’s Singaporean and so she can provide some interesting perspective on why living aboard in Singapore is just not that common — and … Continue reading


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Living aboard a boat in Singapore — Part 1: Why?

These days, thanks mostly to this blog, I get one or two emails a week from people interested in living aboard a boat here in Singapore.  There are tentative “is this possible” type queries; “I’m on my way to Singapore … Continue reading


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A day of material/part hunting; windows; life aboard

I started the weekend out with a Friday spent zooming all over Singapore in taxis, buses, and trains to pick up various materials.  Singapore may look small on the map but it’s a pretty big place if you don’t have … Continue reading

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Various tinkering, measuring, identifying, and testing

Yesterday was National Day here in Singapore (happy birthday Singapore) so instead of working, Charlene and I headed over to the boat to accomplish some stuff.  I’m still on light duty so mostly I spent the day measuring, identifying, and … Continue reading

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Lots of shopping; watermakers

With my ongoing downtime thanks to LASIK that is prohibiting me from fun activities like sanding or spraypainting that involve particulate matter or aerosols, I have been busying myself with trying to source all kinds of bits and pieces for … Continue reading

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LASIK; repower contractor at last

I did the LASIK surgery last week.  Recap in a nutshell: it was totally worth it, and it’s very exciting to be able to see pretty much all the time.  Only downside is there’s some recovery time involved.  Currently I’m … Continue reading

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