Repower whining; window painting; dinghy; LASIK

I am finding planning the repower job to be a terrible mess.  I have a spreadsheet with 94 rows (and counting) to keep track of all the different contractors I’ve been in touch with for stuff like the actual installation; supplying a new prop; shipyards to do the haulout; etc.  Finalizing anything (other than buying the actual engine) has proven impossible so far.  I still have no contractor hired to do the work; nobody who can sell me a suitable propeller; no yard that will let me do the job, at least not without jumping through lots of hoops; and not even a way to receive the engine when it arrives.  The engine will ship to a port in Langkawi; local delivery is my responsibility, and it sounds like the likely yard where I’ll do the work (Rebak) requires me to be present for delivery, and in fact arrange for a dedicated cargo boat to bring the engine from the port to the yard.

On the bright side I’ve found a couple new potential contractors in Langkawi to do the job, both Australians.  But the pace of things there is slow so it’s going to be a while longer before I can strike a deal.

The propeller is turning into a bit of a nightmare.  It seems stupid to order a new prop without knowing it will fit perfectly; and anyway, it is proving difficult to find anyone who can make a smallish prop (15″ diam) for a large-ish prop shaft (1.25″).  I’m pursuing a whole bunch of avenues now: trying to figure out if a 16″ prop with a higher pitch will be okay, looking for divers with prop pullers to come remove my prop for measurement (and later replace it), even getting estimates for a new shaft with a standard taper to see if that makes sense (probably not, 316 SS is not cheap).  I should also probably consider having my current shaft re-machined to a standard taper, which would maybe be possible.  I haven’t found anyone who can supply a prop, even with standard tapers, in less than 4-6 weeks.

C’est la vie, eventually it will all work out, maybe on a more extended schedule than I’m hoping for.

Last night I got to work painting the last two dodger windows (UV-protective black stripe on inside edge) and window frames (epoxy undercoat), but somehow I had much less paint left than I was expecting.  Ran out after 1.5 coats on the windows and 1 coat on the frames.  I won’t be able to get new epoxy undercoat until Thursday, which makes me sad.  Anyway, here’s how things look now — windows:

And frames:

Also, the new dinghy arrived at my office today.  Probably should’ve had it sent straight to the marina, because it’s big and heavy and now I have to bring it to the boat myself.  It came in a huge box full of all kinds of accessories (pump, paddles, covers, seat and seat bag, and other random stuff I haven’t looked at yet).  May try getting it all inflated and going for a spin sometime next week:

Lastly, tomorrow I’m getting LASIK’d.  I’m going all out and doing a wavefront-guided procedure, which I hope should reduce night vision related issues and improve contrast, detail, etc.  If it’s good enough for Air Force pilots, then it’s probably good enough for a cruising sailor.  The main downside is that I’ll have to lay low for a week at least, and be pretty conservative in my activities (e.g., no diving, avoiding grinding and sanding — oh no!) for a month or two.  The main upside is I’ll no longer be blind as a bat without contacts or glasses, so when Oia pulls its anchor at 3AM in 40 kts I won’t need to spend 5 minutes frantically trying to stick lenses into my eyes while being tossed around like a rag doll before addressing the situation.


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  1. Lee

    Amuse me and get a quote from max prop for a 3 blade with your custom taper.

    • Kris

      Actually max-prop lists prices right on their site: — US$3k list price, plus the custom taper would probably make it laughable. I haven’t found a max-prop dealer in SE Asia so I’d probably need to have it shipped from the US.

      That said I do have an RFQ in for an SPW feathering prop ( since I ran across a dealer by accident.

      I think my most probable outcome is removing the old shaft and re-machining it to an SAE taper so I can just order an off-the-shelf prop. The shaft is 1.25″ and current hub appears to be 4.25″ long which should leave plenty of room to re-machine to an SAE 16:1 taper with 3.5″ hub ( If I get an SAE prop and end up not being able to re-machine the shaft, oh well, I guess I’ll spring for a new shaft. It seems impossible to find someone to remove the current prop for measurement with the boat in the water, and now I can’t dive for a month thanks to LASIK.

      I just had Beta change the gearbox to a 2.45:1 ratio since the shaft can definitely handle the extra torque; now I’m looking for a 16×11 prop which is easier to find for a 1.25″ shaft.

      Joy joy joy.

  2. Tom Caviar

    Kris, are you still living on the boat? I am considering it strongly right now and could use some advice.

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