Pedestal guard; propeller

For a long time I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make an enclosure for my chartplotter.  I can’t buy one because my pedestal guard (a 1″ o.d. bent SS pipe that is bolted to the deck and attached to the steering column to provide support and a hand rail) is non-standard.  Even making a custom enclosure with the current pedestal guard is kind of hard, because the guard is quite short and the only spot anything can be mounted is the bend at the top.  Plus, the current guard is straight up and down, so if I want the plotter at an angle for easier viewing, the angle would have to be part of the enclosure.

I recently realized I could probably just get a new pedestal guard made that would provide a better mount for an enclosure.  I contacted a few pipe bending shops and was surprised how cheap it was for them to bend a new pedestal guard according to my specs: ~US$80 at current exchange rates.  Compared to ~US$250 for a similar over-the-counter product, US$80 seemed pretty reasonable.  I sent this drawing to Hup Seng Metal:

And a couple days later I went and picked up this:

I wasn’t able to come up with something that would let me just buy one of the commercial enclosures — I’d have had to replace parts of the steering pedestal to get the guard exactly 12″ on center instead of the current (weird) 12.5″.  But that’s okay because the commercial enclosures seem ridiculously expensive.  I’m going to pick up some 5/16″ or 3/8″ teak (finally have a couple sources) and build a box to mount on the bend of the new pedestal guard.

Aside from dodger window work which is still plodding along, I went for another swim today to take a few more prop measurements.  I am decently sure my prop shaft has a 16:1 taper.  Unfortunately I am having a very tough time finding any shop that will fabricate a 15×9 prop for a 1.25″ shaft.  The hunt continues.  The same is true for a shop to do the repower job: still not solidified, although I have some new leads.


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  1. Lee

    I recommend looking into folding props. I reckon that our max prop makes something like .25 knot difference in the middle wind speeds.

    • Kris

      Yeah, I was considering a max-prop, but the cost difference is about an order of magnitude plus I’d have to get a new prop shaft. (I may need a new shaft anyway though, as it seems my taper is totally non-standard.) I think I’ll have to wait on it and consider it as a possible future upgrade.

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