Beta Marine 38 will be Oia’s new engine

After a little back and forth with Beta Marine’s sales guy, I have a quote for the engine (with various options) that is a good 30% better than my original estimate.  All I had to do was ask for a discount!

Beta Marine has been very responsive and technically helpful as well.  Compared to the local Westerbeke distributor, which has gone through the paces and even come out to my boat, but dragged its feet on quotes and given me a 35% higher price, Beta Marine is a pretty clear winner.  The only downside to the Beta engine is that it runs at a higher RPM than the Westerbeke — which mostly means it may be a little noisier at cruising speed, not something I’m too concerned with.  There are a lot of advantages to the Beta engines, not least of which is their whole philosophy of selling engines that are easy to maintain, with things like an oil sump pump installed as standard equipment.  Imagine that.

So, the Beta 38 will be my new engine.

There are a few details that will need to be worked out at installation time.  I decided not to have Beta fabricate custom engine mounts.  I think it is smarter to do it here, when the old engine is out and more precise measurements can be taken.  One contractor said he’d build a wood model of the engine bed to help fit everything properly and design the mounts before installing the engine in the boat, which I like.  It also looks like the exhaust elbow may need to be adjusted a bit, or I may need to fabricate a new one (slightly shorter or with less of a down angle) but that shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ll be placing the order for the engine later this week.

I still haven’t got a yard finalized for doing the installation work; I am hoping to do it in Langkawi pending the contractor’s availability.


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  1. Good Choice! We have a Block Island 40 with a very tired Yanmar HM and a dead transmission on the hard along the east coast of the US. We too have just made the choice for a Beta 34 …I like the slower operating speed. Solaris is already getting an up-grade of 6 horses up from the HM, so plenty of new power.

    1/3 less than a new Yanmar 3JH5, easier to find spares and no need to pay a Yanmar tech $748.80 for the required “sea trial” …ya, right, an afternoon of sailing drinking my beer!

    Good choice and the best of luck, Paul Block Island 40 Owner’s Association at

    • Kris

      Thanks Paul, since picking the Beta I’ve heard from quite a few people who really like them. Plus I have had nothing but great experiences with their staff so far. Can’t wait for the new engine to arrive!

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