Engine quotes; LPG overhaul; NMEA; transom

Got my hands on a couple more repower-related quotes over the last week or so. A Yanmar dealer up in Phuket was only interested in installing Yanmar engines; I found that a 4JH5E with a 7° down-angle gearbox would probably at least come really close to fitting, so I asked him for an estimate. The engine was US$16.7k; installation between US$6-10k — way out of the ballpark. I was surprised to get such an expensive estimate for the installation in Phuket.

I got an estimate for the Westerbeke 44C Four from a Singapore dealer that puts it at between US$1-1.5k more than the Beta 38, after adding various options. I’m still waiting on a delivery time estimate; if they happen to have the engine in stock I’d probably just go for it. The 44C is also 3000 RPM at full throttle, versus 3600 RPM for the Beta 38; 3000 would be nicer for noise reasons, in particular. I should be able to meet the engineers from the Westerbeke dealer later this week so they can see the boat in person and verify the 44C is suitable.

I’m also meeting one other contractor from Langkawi tomorrow to try to wrangle up one more quote for the repower job.

I will need to replace my propeller when repowering, because the 4-107 is LH drive and the new engines are all RH drive. I got quotes around the US$325 range for brand new, custom machined, 3-bladed fixed pitch manganese bronze props of the size I need, which seems pretty good.

All in all, inching ever so slowly toward closing deals on the engine and the installation job. I’m really hoping to have it mostly wrapped up by the end of next week.

I was away for the weekend in Malacca, but between Friday afternoon and last night I managed to rebuild a lot of the LPG system to install a shiny new solenoid valve and replace some fittings that I’d previously thrown together with various dissimilar metals. They were starting to corrode, and in the meantime I’d pieced together the all-brass equivalent.  Only thing left to do is find a bolt to secure the new solenoid.

Also last night I finally sat down with my Actisense NDC-4 and did some testing.  Got the masthead wind instrument hooked up to an input; my computer hooked up to an output; and verified everything is working as expected.  Wrote up a basic wiring diagram to get all the NMEA talkers talking and listeners listening.  Right now my talkers are: wind instrument; AIS; autopilot compass heading; chartplotter; computer; and GPS, although the GPS is redundant with the chartplotter.  Listeners are: autopilot; chartplotter; computer.  Some are RS-422; others RS-232; etc.  Wiring everything up will be quite a mess, especially once you start including power and antenna wiring in addition to the data wiring, all of which has to happen in the same cramped electronics cubbyhole space.  But, at least tinkering with electronics is fun:

Lastly, I returned to my boat last night after a weekend away and found that One 15 had buffed away the damage from the dinghy fiasco.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I still need to find a way to get some kind of compensation for the damage to the dinghy itself, but the damage to the transom was a bigger deal.  The “marks” in this photo are reflections of the water, not damage from the dinghy:

Over the next few days I’m going to finally get  started on the two remaining dodger windows, which will be a big, messy job; and keep hounding various engine dealers and contractors to try to square away that whole thing.

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