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I arrived back to the boat today after being in the US for a few weeks, carrying lots of bits and pieces for a variety of projects.

I found that the marina staff had decided they didn’t like my dinghy on the finger dock next to my boat, so instead of calling and asking me about it they put it in the water, in the worst possible place: between Oia‘s stern and the dock, where the southerly winds and the ferry wakes bashed the two together for who knows how long before Owen and Jessica of Malaika kindly noticed and pulled the dinghy out. There was quite a bit of damage. There are lots of scuffs and scratches on Oia‘s transom:

And the dinghy took a worse beating of course.  Plenty of Oia‘s paint on one side:

And a crushed rail on the other side:

Needless to say I was pretty upset and did some ranting and raving in the dockmaster’s office.  At first the response was “you were breaking the rules by having your dinghy on the dock, so it’s your fault” to which I didn’t take very well.  One of the staff said something like “leaving your dinghy on the dock is poor seamanship”; the obvious response of “putting my dinghy in the water between my boat and the dock is dramatically poorer seamanship” brought a quick end to that line of argument.  In any case the dinghy was in nobody’s way on the dock (the finger between my boat and another, abandoned one).  In the end one of the staff came down and took some photos and mentioned they may be able to repaint and polish the damaged area for me.  Still pending.

The timing was bad as I had managed to sell the dinghy to someone while I was traveling, and they were coming this afternoon to pick it up.  I ended up giving them a 30% discount on the price we’d agreed on, and they took the dinghy anyway.  I can’t say I’m too sad to see it go.  A lot of people seem to like hard dinghies but I’ve found it to be nothing but trouble so far.  I’ll be ordering an inflatable shortly.

I installed a new freshwater pump with no issues.  I bought two, one 3 gpm and one 2 gpm, and installed the 2 gpm for now.  It’s fine and draws less power than the 3 gpm pump.  I was able to remove the mounting plate from the new pump and replace it with the one from my old pump (both are Shurflo), which saved a lot of mounting hassle.  The new pump is incredibly quiet compared to the old pump, and never cycles randomly from what I can tell, which makes me think there were issues with the old pump from before I owned the boat.  Here’s a fuzzy phone camera photo of the new pump in place:

I also mounted the new EPIRB and registered it with NOAA, and also installed a couple brackets to hold my huge Maglite for easy access:

When I was removing the old EPIRB (“Battery expiry: June 1997”) I tried its “test” function and found it’s still operational.  Not quite sure how best to dispose of it.

One of the other items I picked up in the US was a fire blanket.  I mounted that beneath the galley sink:

I did some other random errands around the boat.  I noticed the sealant on the new dodger windows seems to have sagged a bit.  That’s interesting because Sikaflex 295-UV is supposed to be non-sagging, and also because three coats of black spray paint apparently isn’t quite enough to fully mask the sealant (since I can see it sagging a little beneath).  I think it doesn’t affect the water tightness of the windows, but cosmetically it’s not so great.  Probably not much I can do about it now though.

Plenty of projects to keep me busy for a long time to come; but finding myself too jetlagged today to accomplish much more.


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  1. Charbot

    I think we should sue if they refuse to pay damages or offer to do a crappy job on the re-painting.

    Otherwise, we can write a letter, complain to CASE and cc every single newspaper in this country. Or write to the journalist that featured you in the newspapers the other day.

    Either way, I’m very sure we can get them to compensate for their ineptitude and completely unacceptable service standards (or lack thereof)

  2. Thom

    Did you already order your inflatable? I’ve got one lying around that I would be willing to sell. Love your blog by the way. I currently live aboard in Osaka on a friend’s boat as I prepare to move to Singapore, and I don’t really want to move back to land

    • Kris

      Hey Thom — just a few days too late, I recently ordered one. Out of curiosity though, what sort of inflatable is it?

      Glad you like the blog! I may have some questions for you about Japan. We’re planning to head up that way next year and stay there for a while and I’d love to find out what (if any) kind of support structure exists for cruising sailors there. When are you planning to move to Singapore?

  3. Thom

    Its a Zodiac Bombard AX4 Aero, not sure of the year
    I’d certainly like to trade local yacht knowledge – I move to Singapore mid-August will you still be in town?

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