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Charlene ran into Andy, captain of Hye Seas II, on the bus Sunday, and she asked him if he had any leads for mechanics who could help with repair or repower.  He immediately called up Jean Pierre, a French dude who is apparently a dealer for Yanmar in Langkawi and was working on Hye Seas II just down the dock at the time.  JP was a lot more knowledgeable than the previous Yanmar reps I dealt with.  He took a quick look over my engine compartment and said he’d get back to me in a couple days with some repower suggestions and quotes.  He thinks it is probably possible to squeeze a Yanmar into my engine compartment with some modifications to the mounts on the engine.  (The previous reps shrugged their shoulders at that suggestion.)  I may be willing to give Yanmar another shot if I can get a good price, but JP also said he could help with a repower using a different engine if I don’t like Yanmar.

I do like the idea of repowering in Langkawi instead of Phuket — it’s a few hundred miles closer to Singapore, and is duty free.  We’ll see what JP has to say.

Continued working on the forward dodger windows over the weekend.  Friday I finally finished grinding and sanding and epoxying, and spent a good half the day just cleaning up all the epoxy dust that had gotten everywhere.  Did a whole bunch of measuring and masking, and then Sunday I put a coat of epoxy primer around the window frames, and spray painted four coats of black edge striping on the back surface of the polycarbonate.  Tonight I’ll add another coat or two of epoxy primer, and then it’ll finally be time to drill, bolt, and seal the windows.

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