LED tri/anchor lights; inflatables; windows

I ordered a couple LED running lights from Bebi Electronics to replace the incandescent bulbs in my masthead tricolor and anchor lights.  I went with a “Masina Malosi” warm white light for the tri, and “Owl” bright white light for the anchor.  With just a little effort I should be able to drop these into the original Aqua Signal fixture.  I’m pretty excited about the power savings.  I also found Bebi to be really great to deal with, and their prices to be pretty stellar, so I’ll probably convert the rest of my running lights to LED if I don’t encounter any issues with these.

I have been agonizing a bit over inflatable dinghies.  My requirements are: as big as I can handle, probably around 10 ft and 80-90 lbs; and maximum stowability, since I prefer not to keep it inflated on deck most of the time.  Probably I’ll end up with something with a high pressure air deck (more stowable).  It’s looking like I’ll probably go with PVC instead of Hypalon for cost reasons: I haven’t found any Hypalon boats in Singapore that are priced remotely reasonably, but there are a few PVC boats that are remarkably well-priced.  I’ll have to be sure to keep the boat well-covered in the sun.  The leading contender right now is probably the Silver Marine 300AD, or alternatively the Silver Marine 275AD, both of which I can buy in Singapore pretty reasonably.  I also need to do a general servicing of my outboard; most importantly some gaskets need replacing.

Dodger window work has been proceeding at a slow pace.  Grind, sand, epoxy, grind, sand, epoxy.  Hopefully almost done.

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