Dodger glass; radar

Spent the evening after work last night working on a couple projects.

First, I ground down the epoxy putty I’d filled in around the dodger window I’m working on, using a drill grinding disc attachment.  I only got about a third of the way there before the drill’s battery died (it’s cordless).  Maybe I should get another battery.  (Or, maybe I should just spring for a real grinder.)  After that, I filled in a few gaps with more putty.  I really do like epoxy putty: it’s incredibly versatile and easy to work with.  But it’s not very cost effective, particularly since I can’t find it in large quantities.  I can’t think of a very easy alternative for what I want to do though.

I also finished wiring up the radar, finally.  The 10m cable that shipped with it was just barely long enough to reach down into the little compartment below the mast with all the mast-related wiring.  It was quite a pain to get the cable all properly hooked up to the radar’s interface box, as I could only fit one arm (and my head) inside the compartment to work/see.  The power is wired in a semi-temporary (but perfectly serviceable) way since I’m planning to clean up all the mast wiring soon.

I find the time in the evening after work to be incredibly productive, especially compared with afternoons on the weekends when it’s just oppressively hot and hard to stay motivated.  In the evenings, it may be dark out, but that’s nothing a good headlamp can’t solve.  And I’m not usually too worried about making lots of noise, since nobody else is around.

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