Bolts; solar panels; SSB receiver

Stopped by Central Engineering, which never did get back to me about the bolts I ordered, to see what the deal was.  Ended up getting more or less what I needed (M6x45mm SS truss-head), but had to settle for 304 SS instead of 316.  I think that should be okay for my application though, as the bolts should be reasonably safe from corrosion.  It took about an hour of waiting around for them to count out and hand me 130x bolts.

I have been doing a lot of complaining about service lately, it seems.

On the other hand Kyocera (a Japanese company, I note) managed to sell me 2x KC-85T solar panels less than two days after I first inquired with them.  I’ll be picking those up later this week.  I’ll probably need to hire a welder to come and make a couple small modifications to the solar panel mounts, but otherwise the panels should mostly just be drop in place.  As the output will be a lot higher I’ll be picking up a charge controller while I’m in the US.  After some more research and discussion I’ll probably give the Blue Sky 2512i MPPT controller a shot.

I also just ordered a Degen DE1103 (same as Kaito KA1103) world band receiver (FM/AM/SW/MW/LW/etc) from Hong Kong.  Reviews of these receivers are really good, and they’re really cheap.  Coupled with an audio cable and a little software I am hoping to make use of the DE1103 to receive WeatherFax and related imagery.  Should be able to make use of my existing insulated backstay antenna.

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