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Went over the engine with a mechanic from Swift Marine this morning.  He basically confirmed all the same issues I’d already identified, the most important ones being that the transmission is leaking pretty badly and will need to come off for a probable rebuild, and the engine mounts are all kind of loose and need adjusting.  The injectors all need some servicing too, and he agreed I should probably replace all the PVC plumbing around the engine — it’s the wrong type of hose and it is very poorly supported.  I’ll be getting an itemized quote from them for all that and a few other little things.  I’m still trying to find one or two other mechanics to come and look and give me quotes as well.

I told the mechanic I’m basically planning to cruise around continuously for a while and asked him what he would do if he were me.  The answer was pretty much “repower” since my engine is 43 years old, decades out of warranty, hard to find parts for, and prone to random little failures.  A rebuild probably isn’t worth the trouble.  He may have had an ulterior motive in suggesting that, but he stuck by the suggestion after I told him I certainly wouldn’t do any repower here in Singapore because it’d be much cheaper elsewhere.  Regardless, I am starting to think about a new engine, as expensive and annoying as it’d be, because I’ve sort of lost faith in the existing engine and it’s really no fun to feel like you’re flipping a coin every time you want to go for a sail.  I’ll get a few more opinions on that as well, of course.

My parents flew off last night.  Yesterday Dad and I did a little work:

  • Removed all the buttons from around the dodger glass that used to hold canvas covers; cleaned them off; filled them with epoxy.
  • Did some investigation re: installing the new polycarbonate dodger windows.  Decided to spray an acrylic stripe around the inside perimeter of the glass to improve cosmetics.  Also figured out I’ll need something like 120 bolts for all the windows.
  • Went up the mast to try and get some kind of grommet in the hole in the mast through which the radar cable passes, as the cable is chafing slightly.  Gave up for now, and instead just wrapped some rubber and electrical tape around the wire itself which should relieve the chafing.  Also need to put a clamshell cover over the hole but need a small metal drill bit first.

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