Port dues; cruising permits

Paid Oia‘s annual Singapore port dues (S$30) this morning, a couple months late.  MPA didn’t seem to care about the lateness.  In fact they seemed a little surprised I was actually paying my port dues.

I also asked them about cruising permits for Singapore waters, and whether the online self assessment I did last June was really all I need to get the permit.  Basically I wanted to make sure if I ask the dockmaster at One15 for a permit the day before I’m planning a quick cruise, they’re not going to say “you need a PPCDL, so no” like they’ve done before on random occasions.  Like everybody else though, nobody at MPA seems to know their own rules; the person I talked to had no idea what the online self assessment even was.  I give up, I don’t really see the point in worrying about the cruising permit thing if even MPA staff can’t answer questions about it.

Tomorrow we’re heading out for a short overnight trip.  Still trying to decide between P. Ubin and P. Hantu, but probably we’ll head to Hantu.

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