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How not to sell an engine; other engines; solar; etc

Yesterday a Yanmar rep came by the boat to try to sell me a 4JH5E engine.  I had previously contacted him about the 3JH5E, a smaller engine, but I guess he didn’t really want to sell me that.  I was … Continue reading

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Engine; etc

Went over the engine with a mechanic from Swift Marine this morning.  He basically confirmed all the same issues I’d already identified, the most important ones being that the transmission is leaking pretty badly and will need to come off … Continue reading

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Transmission; freshwater pump; etc

Weekend didn’t exactly go as planned. Thursday night Dad and I did yet more sealing on the new hatch, which was still leaking.  He showed me a few caulking tricks and we now have a pretty serious seal on the hatch, … Continue reading


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Port dues; cruising permits

Paid Oia‘s annual Singapore port dues (S$30) this morning, a couple months late.  MPA didn’t seem to care about the lateness.  In fact they seemed a little surprised I was actually paying my port dues. I also asked them about … Continue reading

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Mom and Dad are here

My parents arrived last week, and are staying aboard Oia at One 15 while they’re here.  We’re having a great time zooming around Singapore.  Here they are last night at Banana Leaf Apolo in Little India: Tomorrow we’re off to … Continue reading

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Filters, etc

The “big” task this weekend (aside from continuing to clean up the boat before Mom and Dad fly in this week) was giving the engine some much-needed attention and changing the oil, the oil filter, and the fuel filters.  Somehow … Continue reading

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