Cleaning, organizing; chartplotter mount

It’s a period of not too much boat related activity.  Charlene and I were in Krabi last weekend.  This weekend we worked on cleaning up the boat, organizing, etc.  We gave the deck a much needed and long-overdue scrub, and I sorted through all the various little parts lying around from ongoing projects, collated them, labeled them, and stowed them to be gotten out when I’m actually working on said projects, so important stuff doesn’t get lost in the interim.

I also (finally) emptied out the drawer full of big/random tools beneath the nav table, and sorted through and organized them; and then, did the same with the cubbyhole nearby which is full of spare parts.  Here are some of the various tools from the drawer laid out and sorted:

Mostly there are various handsaws, files, spanners, crowbars, and hammers, along with some random wrenches and screwdrivers that I moved to the appropriate toolboxes.

Here are some of the spare parts I uncovered:

There’s a little bit of deck and rigging hardware (some of which is mysterious), but most of the spares are engine related — lots of fuel pump parts, O-rings, etc.  Despite sorting through everything I don’t really have a great sense of what it all is, so that will be the next step: figuring out, part by part, what it’s supposed to be for.  Matters are complicated by the fact that most of the spares were bought in Thailand and are labeled in Thai.

I also did a lot of measuring for various projects.  In particular I really want to get the chartplotter more permanently mounted.  I think the solution I’m leaning toward is a fairly simple mount — plywood or similar — attached to the pedestal guard with U-bolts, with a couple angled pieces affixed to it to which the Lowrance adjustable mount can be attached.  The location of the plotter will remain about the same as it’s been with our temporary ziptie-and-bungie mounting solution.  The only downside is that the cabling won’t be enclosed, but that’s not the end of the world considering how well protected the cockpit is.

Tomorrow I’m flying off again, to St John in the Caribbean for Lee and Rachel’s wedding.  So, no more boat work for a couple weeks.

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