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I have been using Redmine for some time now as an issue tracking tool for all the various projects I’m working on (or need to work on) for Oia.  I’ve been using the same tool for a few years at my job, where it’s really useful for software development, and I figured it might be equally useful for other project management tasks.  So far I’ve been pretty actively keeping it up to date and dumping various ideas and research data in my database.

I decided to add a feed of the recent activity in my Oia Redmine project to this page, on the right side.  I suspect it might prove interesting for some people.  I made the project viewable to the public for now, so you can click the titles in the feed and look around.  Hopefully it can stay that way.


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  1. Jeff

    This is an issue that will never be resolved:

  2. Jeff

    I posted too soon with the last one, I also noticed this todo item:

    If you are a cheapskate you can use a wooden dowel. The rod-thingies to control venetian blinds work dandy fine. I imagine car antennas would work well too.

    • Kris

      yeah, or also a long screwdriver. many options, but i do like the actual stethoscope as it isolates the noise a bit better over the roar of the engine.

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