Oven trim; engine cleaning; dodger glass; sore toe

This weekend there was a lot of shopping and not really a lot of accomplishing, or so it felt.

I did a few random jobs on deck: replacing fender ropes on a couple fenders, seizing shackles on the Bruce anchor and spare rode, etc.  Nothing too exciting.

I started work on staining/varnishing the trim around the oven; Doug ended up doing a few coats as well.  That job stalled when I ran out of small brushes, need to pick up some more.  Here at least is a photo of the trim in place, pre-staining.  It looks pretty nice all stained.

Doug and I also worked on running the internal wiring for the radar and windvane back from the terminal strips below the cabin sole near the mast to the nav station and electrical panel area.  The radar came with a 10m combined data/power wire that goes between the scanner and a small “interface box”.  I’d hoped to replace that with a 20m cable, put the interface box at the nav station, and just run the one cable all the way back.  But a 20m cable is S$260, which is nuts, so instead we ran separate power and ethernet cables; the interface box will go on the bulkhead below the mast, which is close enough to make the 10m scanner-to-box cable work.  I crawled back into the electrical wiring zone and got the radar all nicely wired to the breaker panel.  Doug’s been working on splicing the ethernet cable with the proprietary Lowrance one.  The mast mount for the radar arrived this morning, so I guess we’ll be giving installing that a go next week.

The rest of the weekend was spent on the engine.  In fact, not all that much got done; I tested a couple citrus degreasers and was a bit worried that they were taking off some of the paint.  I spent way too long wandering around Jalan Besar and surrounding areas looking for the 3M foaming engine degreaser and got nothing but incredulous looks.  I also picked up an oil change pump and some new oil filters; the previous owner kept something like 15 spare fuel filters on board but not a single spare oil filter.

We never got around to changing the oil or filters though; just cleaning the engine compartment took up most of my time at the boat this weekend.  I can’t believe I’d never gotten around to it before.  There was a lot of random loose crap lying around down near the engine — some spare filters, random pieces of metal, what looks like an old propeller shaft, various tools (some useful, some not).  I threw a bunch of stuff out and moved the rest to someplace more sane.

Sunday we masked off the air intake, alternator, electrical connections, etc; put a big load of oil absorbent pads down under the engine; and then just sprayed the entire engine down with citrus degreaser.  After waiting a few minutes and doing a little bit of light scrubbing, I hosed it down with fresh water.  It made quite a difference, and now the engine smells lemony fresh.

We ran the engine for a little while immediately afterward to help dry it off, and once it warmed up started noticing some knocking again.  I ended up finding Jeff, who I met last week, and he wandered over to take a look, bringing along a mechanic’s stethoscope which was pretty neat; I need to pick one up.  Of course the knocking stopped when he was around, but he did notice some dinging with the stethoscope in fuel injectors #2 and #4.  He said he’d talk to a Perkins mechanic he knows about it today.  He also pointed out a couple cases of dissimilar metals side-by-side in the raw water plumbing, which I hadn’t thought much about.  He noted that the engine’s plumbing is basically “unacceptable” as it is now (I agree); one thing at a time though.  Finally, he also recommended replacing my existing dual primary fuel filter setup with a Racor one (maybe the 75/500).  I’m not quite sure it’s necessary but I’ll do some research.

Once he left, we did some work on cleaning the bilge around the engine.  It’s looking quite a bit better, but of course there are a lot of nooks and crannies that will never be clean again, at least not until the engine is removed.

We later ran the engine one last time and the knocking returned (of course).  It was pretty mild though, and we did a bit of experimenting.  Revving up the engine caused the knocking to disappear, and it didn’t return when brought back to idle.  This is different than what we found the first time the engine was knocking, however.  Mysterious, but we left it at that for now.

Earlier in the weekend Mr Yeo from Royal Star Plastics came by with the new dodger windows, which are all 12mil polycarbonate — really solid stuff.  He did a pretty good job, and I’m looking forward to installing them.  In the meantime they’re all sitting in the cockpit:

To finish off the weekend I smashed my toe on a dock cleat while cleaning up.  It’s either broken or cracked, but in both cases the remedy is the same: wrap it up with another toe and hobble around until it starts feeling better.  Ow.

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