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A second weekend in a row with not all that much progress to show.  In fact, so little progress that for once I don’t even have any pictures of the stuff I worked on this weekend.

Friday morning I went over to JJTango and picked up the BR24 radar.  It was quite a bit bigger than I realized so I had to taxi it back to the boat.  (Hint for avoiding paying the ridiculous S$5 daytime Sentosa entrance fee: wave an invoice around and say you’re making a delivery.)  The ScanStrut mount hasn’t arrived yet, but I wanted to get my hands on the scanner first anyway to take a look at the wiring.  Glad I did: the cable that goes from the scanner to its little “interface box” (into which go all the power and network wires) is only 10m, not long enough for my needs; inquired about getting a longer cable.  I also found it pretty ridiculous that Lowrance provides only a 2ft ethernet cable with its proprietary connectors for connecting the chartplotter and the interface box.  Of course it’s not possible to buy their connectors and crimp them onto CAT-5 yourself.  But probably it’s possible to cut their stupid little cable in half and solder the wires from each end onto a longer cable.  At least, I’m going to try.

I also put some new sealant around the edge of the flange of the new hatch.  After a big storm last week there was a small little puddle of water under the hatch; I wasn’t around to see it happen but clearly there was some leaking.  I’m thinking it might have been because of two missing screws (which are now installed), but adding a little extra sealant can’t hurt either.

Somehow I managed to blow most of the weekend on what should have been an easy job — installing trim around the rough edges we cut when putting in the gimbaled oven.  In practice, it wasn’t so easy: I had to do some more cutting on a lot of the edges, since some of them were still too rough to accommodate the trim.  Some of that I did with a jigsaw, but other parts of it required a small handsaw.  I made quite a mess.  Measuring and cutting all the trim took some time.  And then, I found that the plywood I’m attaching the trim to is like some kind of super-plywood (maybe epoxy treated?) and a lot of the finishing nails I was using were bending instead of nailing.  Nonetheless by the end of today I managed to get most of the trim attached (before running out of nails).  I’ll need to do a little more work on that tomorrow evening.  It’s not going to be perfect as I had to use non-finishing nails for a lot of the work, but after some filing and some stain/varnish it should look okay.

One of the marina staff randomly ran into me yesterday and told me I need to renew my port dues with MPA.  Apparently it’s S$30 annually.  Somehow he knew my dues were due, and I did not.  Nice of him.  So I need to take care of that this week.

Also today I ran into one of the newer staff at the marina, Jeff, an assistant marina manager or something along those lines.  He’s from Detroit, which prompted me to ask him about engines.  As it turns out he knows a lot about them (having grown up on a farm and later spent lots of time on crab-fishing boats, fixing engines all the while), and in fact knows my engine specifically.  He gave me some advice for cleaning it up: lots of oil-absorbent pads and some kind of foam degreasing product.  He also mentioned he’d come take a look sometime when I wanted to work on the engine, which is nice.  We spent some time bemoaning the lack of Home Depots and Wal-Marts in Singapore.

Some other minor tidbits:

  • I put some 1″ rubber chair-leg caps on the open ends of some of the unused antenna/etc mounts up by the solar panels, to keep the rain out.
  • Earlier in the week I picked up some shackles for the Bruce anchor and the spare anchor rode.
  • The new polycarbonate dodger glass should be all ready early this week.  I did some measuring for the “tank window” pieces of glass just above the dodger; I’ve been thinking of replacing that entire panel with polycarbonate.  Not so sure that’s possible now.

Doug is leaving in just a couple weeks.  I’ve been sort of frantically thinking about what I need his help with before he leaves.  Mainly, it’s probably just the radar installation.  I was hoping to take the boat out one more time before he’s gone, but that kind of depends on the engine, which still needs a mechanic to come take a look.  I’ve not had much luck finding anyone yet.

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