Hatch; dodger glass; TV

It was kind of a lax weekend at the boat — it seemed like a busy weekend spent elsewhere, mostly.  However, a few things did get done.  On Thursday Doug and I finally got the new hatch mounted and sealed.  It looks great and after some testing Friday morning (and more this weekend when it rained) it appears to be well sealed.  Only thing left is to get a couple more screws.

Here it is in slightly broader context:

Now that it’s all done I’m pretty happy with the hatch — it feels more solid after mounting than it did at first.  I also like the Interdeck paint we used around the hatch.  I think I’ll probably use it for the entire nonskid surface on the deck, whenever I eventually get around to that.  Best of all is the perfectly clear new acrylic in the hatch — finally some unpolluted light is making it into the cabin and you can actually look up and see the mast and the sky.  Here it is while Doug was hosing it down to test for leaks:

I also did a lot of measuring for various stuff I need to buy this week.  First and foremost I took precise measurements of all the dodger glass.  The starboard side glass sealant totally gave out, and Thursday while I was poking around the acrylic fell out and broke into a few chunks.  I pieced it back together for now:

But, that increases the urgency of replacing the glass, which I’d been intending to do soon anyway.  My plan is to remove the old stuff, clean off the ledges against which it was sealed, and bring them fair with the exterior surface with epoxy putty.  Then, the new windows will be cut somewhat larger, and I’ll through-bolt them to the dodger instead of just trying to glue them on with sealant.  I’m going to use 12mil polycarbonate which is effectively bulletproof so the end result should be quite solid.  I brought the measurements to Royal Star Plastic Services.  You can only really buy polycarbonate in 4’x8′ sheets but that’s not so bad; all the glass can be cut from one sheet.  I do have glass I’d previously bought for use on the front dodger windows but I’d rather just use the brand new stuff if I need to pay for it anyway.  Should be able to get the glass all cut, chamfered, and ready to install by the end of this week, although the installation itself will be a lengthy job.

I also measured all the rough cut edges around the oven we installed in December, and picked up various corner moldings to install and prettify that.

Sunday I was at the boat briefly and took the opportunity to rip out the little old totally unused TV from one of the starboard cabinets, and remove the (no longer really working) TV antenna from the stern mount near the solar panels.  I left the coaxial cable in place as it might be useful for a backup VHF antenna or something.


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  1. Jessica Jenschke

    hi neighbor! Glad you got your hatch installed and sealed before the big rainstorm; it looks great!
    See that you were up the mast last week, so this must be you that Owen caught a picture of:

    • Kris

      yep that looks like me! sorry i still haven’t managed to come say hi to you guys; swung by today but you were out. i’ll get over there soon!

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