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Last weekend was a busy one, with a few nice accomplishments aboard Oia and a lot of Chinese New Year festivities.

Wednesday night was CNY Eve.  Doug managed to get some tickets aboard the Singapore Flyer, which was surprisingly empty, and he, Charlene and I managed to be right at the top of the Flyer’s circuit just as the CNY fireworks started over Marina Bay.  Really fun; I took some video which I will upload soon.  Here’s a picture of Charlene and I on the way up:

Aboard the boat on Friday, Doug recalibrated the DCSM ammeter, which had been mysteriously incorrect for the last month or so.  Back up to 450AH remaining!  Charlene pitched in and set about doing a thorough cleaning of the galley and the gimbaled oven, which were in dire need of some attention.  And I did some more work on preparing the deck for installing the new hatch.

Saturday we worked on installing the NMEA windvane/anemometer at the masthead.  Doug had noticed that the unit’s housing didn’t seem very well sealed.  I applied some sealant (3M 4000-UV) around the outer edges of the joint in question:

Then, I went up the mast with the unit and a bunch of tools to use in mounting it.  We first worked on running the wire with the help of the fishing line we ran a couple weeks ago.  That went remarkably smoothly aside from some tangling of the wire that took me a while to undo.  However, mounting the unit didn’t go so well; my one carbide drill bit was a bit smaller than necessary for the mounting kit’s self-tapping metal screws.  We ended up giving up for the day; down the mast I came:

Myself and Doug at the foot of the mast after our half-successful effort Saturday:

Not much else got accomplished Saturday, aside from some measuring of docklines, which I think I’ll replace soon — they’re pretty old, weathered, and frayed in a few places.

Sunday morning I wandered around Jalan Besar looking for some drill bits.  I was about to give up (everything was closed for CNY) when I came across one lone hard-working guy in an open shop who got me what I needed.  Later on, I went back up to the masthead and through a combination of brute force and intelligence (we gave up on the screws that shipped with the mounting kit and used slightly better ones), the windvane is finally mounted:

I used some thin rubber to back the mounting blocks which helped in mounting them against the curve of the mast.  I’d prefer to have the unit mounted on the inside of the mast but that’s pretty much impossible without removing the masthead entirely.  Here’s the entire unit:

Doug went through the calibration procedure down below and confirmed everything is now working.  All that really remains is to run the wiring in the cabin back to the nav station.  It’s still a bit unclear how I’ll display the data, though — we haven’t had much luck getting the chartplotter displaying wind data yet.  I may still need to get a separate head unit of some kind.

Also Sunday, we did a final bit of sanding, masked off the area around the missing hatch, and painted on a couple coats of  Interdeck.  I’d originally intended to put a glossy finish around the hatch but somehow managed to buy Interdeck by mistake; nevertheless I’m happy with it and am thinking I might just use the same to redo all the nonskid on the deck.  I need to do that eventually anyway.

Here’s the deck around the hatch all masked off before painting:

And here it is after the first coat (we did two):

All that’s left is installing the hatch itself, which we’ll do later this week now that the paint’s all dry.

Early this week I went ahead and ordered a Lowrance BR24 broadband radar and a ScanStrut SC20 mount from JJTango, who again gave me pretty good pricing.  I’m hoping to get that all installed before Doug leaves in early March.

It’s also time to renew my insurance coverage; working on that with QBE once again, although it looks like not much will change for now.

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