Rain, rain, (and engine issues) go away

It was a washout of a weekend in Singapore.  The Northeast Monsoon finally decided to get kind of monsoony.  Shame the hatch is still out of my deck.  Partly due to the rain, it was a weekend of half successes on the boat.

On Thursday I went wandering around Jalan Besar a bit trying to find someone to cut the hatch.  First I went to Ban Heng Long, which is where I usually go for wood related stuff and which has a nice tablesaw.  They pointed me instead to Royal Star Plastic Services upstairs, which looks like a nice resource for future projects too.  Mr. Yeo at Royal Star has a good tablesaw with a fine grained blade and did a pretty good job of measuring and cutting the hatch as required.  Now it fits.

I spent most of the rest of the day laying down some epoxy putty around the outline of the old hatch, waiting for it to dry, and then sanding it down.  Ran out of sandpaper so didn’t get to finish the job.  I gave up for the day and covered the hole back up.

I also put the new fuel supply line in place on the engine, and tightened up the leaking coupling on the return line a bit.  We started up the engine and the leak appeared to be resolved.  Sadly, when I throttled up the engine, Doug noticed a bit of knocking.  We throttled down again, pondered for a bit, and then throttled back up and there was some really severe knocking.  It almost sounds like someone’s taking a spanner and smashing the engine with it.  We stopped the engine and left it at that for now.  I have a mechanic coming sometime this week (assuming he stops cancelling on me), and hopefully he’ll have some ideas.  I suspect bleeding the fuel lines and running the engine at low idle for a while will probably solve the problem, but I’d rather get an educated opinion first.

Friday morning I headed over to JJTango and picked up a Nasa Marine NMEA masthead anemometer/windvane.  For now I’m avoiding getting a head unit and hoping I can get it talking to the chartplotter for display.  Later in the day Doug and I played with it a bit and got it spitting out data to a laptop.  We weren’t able to get it interacting with the chartplotter, but that’s probably a minor wiring issue; we’ll figure that out later this week, I hope.  We ran out of time to mount the unit at the masthead, and it was raining all day anyway.

While we were away from the boat on Friday, a nice batch of torrential rain plowed through Singapore.  My quick hatch cover-up job failed pretty miserably, and quite a bit of rain got into the cabin.  Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but in this case a fair amount of water ran into the headliner (the vinyl ceiling lining in the cabin).  We had to take that apart a bit, and hand pump out a bunch of water, and prop open the headliner to dry it out.  Unfortunately it hasn’t stopped raining since, which aren’t great conditions for drying anything out.  Here’s a crappy cellphone picture of the headliner propped open with some BBQ tongs:

That was about it for Oia this weekend.  I was happy to see the Malaika arrived from Langkawi and is berthed just down the dock from me.  And, it looks like Pirat has arrived in the Bahamas!  I’m kind of jealous, and really looking forward to getting a few issues (especially with the engine) resolved so we can go out for a sail or two in the next month before Doug heads back to the US.  I’m not sure how much progress I’ll make this week though — it’s Chinese New Year, which probably means a lot of festivities and not a lot of time for boat work.

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