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Rain, rain, (and engine issues) go away

It was a washout of a weekend in Singapore.  The Northeast Monsoon finally decided to get kind of monsoony.  Shame the hatch is still out of my deck.  Partly due to the rain, it was a weekend of half successes … Continue reading

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Battery straps/fuses; shopping; hatch

It was another mostly busy weekend.  Friday I headed for the boat in the early afternoon and spent the first half of the day dismantling the house battery wiring, pulling out the house batteries, and installing some battery hold-down straps. … Continue reading


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Fuel line; anemometer; cosmetics

On Saturday, I finally removed the leaky fuel line from the engine, with quite a bit of difficulty as it was not very reachable, down in the depths of the engine compartment and obscured by a lot of other stuff … Continue reading

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Ordered a Bomar 900-series low profile hatch to replace one of the existing hatches.  Probably I’ll start with the one above the couch, which is currently leaking.  I could just rebed it to fix the leak, but all the hatches … Continue reading

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Organizing; ladder hooks

Off to a slow start with boat projects this year.  I spent most of the day Saturday at the marina, but half of that went to laundry and most of the other half to organizing up on deck, where there … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Touched down in Singapore Sunday after some holiday travel.  I had a great time at home in the snow for Christmas: lots of snowshoeing, cookies, pies, cold air, reading, avoidance of all things Internet related, and relaxing. I had less … Continue reading

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