Back in Singapore

We arrived back at One 15 safe and sound last night, just before dark.  Our trip was pretty eventful — we broke a few things, came up with a huge list of things to fix, adjust, and overhaul, had some relaxing days and nights and some harrowing ones, and made our way around the Tioman island group more or less successfully.

We ran into zero issues with the new electrical system, which was a nice little victory.  The gimbaled stove also worked like a charm (and we were glad for the gimbals).  We did have some engine problems — one minor-ish transmission problem, and one major-ish fuel line coupling rupture; and some sail issues — the sunbrella protecting the mainsail was shredded in a storm, and we subsequently had to cut it away.

All the various port clearance paperwork is now done and I’m back in the office catching up.  I’ll recap the entire trip sometime in the next few days!

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