Final preparation; Singapore port clearance

Last night we continued provisioning (one more trip to the grocery left, hopefully) and preparing random stuff here and there.  Filled up the water tanks, mixed oil into the outboard gas, did laundry, and so on.  Everything is mostly ready.  Today Doug is working on a few remaining tasks: running jacklines, testing the outboard, etc.  One more thing I’d kind of like to do tonight if we can find time is turn the boat around so we can lay all the anchor chain out on the dock, measure it, mark it with some cable ties, and verify that the bitter end is securely fastened.  It’s a bit annoying to turn the boat around since we’ll probably have to turn it back afterward (my shorepower cable doesn’t reach the plug when bow-in), but we’ll see.  Maybe we’ll just go without air conditioning tonight in preparation for the next week.

I just walked from my office over to the MPA’s one-stop document center to process port clearance paperwork.  Aside from the dizzying array of documents you have to have for port clearance and immigration, it’s really not all that bad.  I found that contrary to the MPA’s instructions, I was required to present a crew/passenger list and an intended route to clear out of Singapore.  Other than that, no issues, and we are cleared for departure at 5am tomorrow.

I still need to put together different crew/passenger forms for  immigration and all the return clearance stuff, but it shouldn’t be too bad.


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    Hope u had a great trip.

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