Tioman route plan; oven; AIS; shopping

Yesterday I put together a first-pass route plan for our trip next week.  It’s a little ambitious (65ish miles on the first and last days), but we’ll see how it goes.  Here’s the route plan:

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Briefly, we’ll head out Dec 1 really early, meet the immigration boat at the Eastern Quarantine, and then proceed around the bend and head North to Jason’s Bay.  From there we’ll cut across Pulau Sibu and Pulau Tinggi to Tioman, and probably pick up a berth at Tuluk Tekek Marina there, since we need to be there anyway to do port clearance and immigration.  Maybe we’ll hang around Tioman for a day or two.  From Tioman we’ll head SE to Pulau Aur, spend a night in the channel there, and then cut back over to Jason’s Bay, before returning to the Eastern Quarantine for immigration, and back to One 15.  Not too complicated, although I do expect to be doing some anchoring in the dark which will be tricky.  I suspect we may be doing some motorsailing to keep up the pace.

Various sailing preparation has been proceeding apace.

Doug did some investigation of oven installation options yesterday; I think we’re going to go for it and install the old oven from Conversations, hopefully tomorrow.  The only real downside is it’s a little old, and one burner doesn’t work.  I really like the idea of having an oven, and gimbals.

Doug also got the AIS transponder talking to the chartplotter.  It slows chart rendering down a lot here in Singapore (because there are so many targets), but I don’t think it’ll be a problem elsewhere:

I haven’t been able to get an update on my Malaysian MMSI number, which is frustrating as I’d hoped to be able to transmit on AIS by now.  Will try again once more tomorrow.

This morning I stopped by Marintech and picked up one extra harness tether (so now I have four), some Sikaflex to fix a broken hatch, and a Kidde Mariner 10 extinguisher.  (I need to replace all my extinguishers soon but wanted at least one new one right now.)  I also visited Keng Wah on Maude Rd for the first time and was pretty impressed with their rigging selection.  I ordered 120m of 16mm nylon rope as a backup anchor rode, a thimble for one end of the rode, and 30m of 1.5in polyester webbing to use as jackline.  Apparently I can go pick it all up tomorrow.


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  1. Lee

    Looks like fun. My advice from what we’ve learned – it can be more fun to sail shorter distances, be careful with trying to go too far in one day, though 65 nm isn’t too bad, depending on the wind direction. Make sure you leave as early as possible on those days. Anchoring after dark in a place you don’t know may not be easy, you have to make sure it is a very straightforward place to go into. The chart and chartplotter may be useless for inlets and such. You have to go with the local markers, so if at night, make sure they will be lit. For example, going down the ICW we often plot outside of the channel, and sometimes outside of the water. And it’s not like the ICW has shifted. We did an afternoon to morning sail the other day to avoid the leaving and coming in after dark problems. But it really depends on where you’re going. Anyway, my 2 cents.

    • Kris

      Thanks for the advice. I pretty much agree on all counts. I’d go for shorter 1st and last days if there was any reasonable anchorage closer to Singapore, but it doesn’t look like there is. I guess we’ll see how we feel and how the conditions are and just be super-careful if we’re approaching an anchorage after dark. It’s pretty unlikely (I’d say zero chance) that local markers will be well lit at night in Malaysia.

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