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Busy weekend: electrical; dinghy; autopilot; etc

It was a terrifically busy long weekend, starting in earnest Friday and ending today.  Thursday evening and all day Friday Doug and I were both at the boat, and lots got done. We spent some time poking around and then … Continue reading

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NE monsoon on the East coast of Malaysia

We have been planning to do a trip for a week or so in early December, ostensibly to Pulau Tioman, which if it’s anything like Pulau Aur (where Charlene, Mike and I went for a dive trip last year) is … Continue reading


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AIS transponder

Finally decided this evening to get around to hooking up the AIS transponder I’ve had for a couple months but never installed.  There are actually two new devices: a Comar AST-200 VHF antenna splitter, and the Comar CSB-200 AIS Class … Continue reading

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Boatlogger; dinghy painting

Early this week I got a BeagleBoard-xM and some other parts in the mail, to use as the main logging/display computer in the boatlogger project Lee and I are working on.  It’s a pretty cool little machine: 1GHz ARM CPU … Continue reading

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Electrical prep

I met at the boat with Neo from Best Marine Electrical again last night, after finally getting a quote from him for the electrical overhaul a few hours prior.  It was too expensive, mainly because of the labor cost which … Continue reading

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Dinghy; speaker; MMSI; electrical; autopilot

Last week was my first week on my new three-day part time work schedule.  I was hoping to spend Thursday on some work for the boatlogger project but instead ended up organizing and dealing with tax issues all day.  Friday … Continue reading

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Wifi; Singapore cruising permits

Last night I dug out my old WRT54G wifi router, which conveniently takes 12V (and also has a nice 100-240V 50/60Hz AC adapter), and flashed it with DD-WRT.  I set it up as a wireless repeater for the marina’s network, … Continue reading

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Pulau Hantu and various other stuff

It was a pretty busy weekend on the boat.  I was off Friday and spent most of the morning wandering around Jalan Besar looking for a good orbital sander.  It’s pretty hard to find anything here other than random orbit … Continue reading

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Trip out to Pulau Hantu

Currently anchored  off the southwest corner of Pulau Hantu after an eventful trip.  Here’s the track: We motored the whole way in lots of traffic.  11.5 nm trip, about 2:18 underway.  We ran aground twice while trying to find a … Continue reading

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