Paint; planning for Pulau Hantu

This morning I bought some paint for the lockers, cabinets, and other spaces inside the cabin.  I ended up grabbing a small can of oil based auto finishing paint (essentially Rustoleum, I think), which is high-gloss and durable.  I was hoping to find some water based latex exterior paint but the shop I was in didn’t have any, and the stuff I picked up was only S$9 for a quart, so why not — I’ll try it on something small first.

Before doing any painting we’ll have to do some sanding, which means I should probably pick up an orbital sander.  Hopefully I can find one around here with a dust collector.  I’ll probably take a walk around Jalan Besar tomorrow to pick up a sander, a dropcloth, and a few other items.

Other stuff I’m hoping to accomplish tomorrow before a sail on Saturday:

  • Up the mast to figure out why the main halyard is jammed
  • Drop the anchor and raise it with the winch to make sure everything’s working well
  • Un-rig the main awning
  • Maybe do a little scrubbing
  • Rent a HARTS transponder (hopefully a working one this time) since I’m still not having much luck getting a Malaysian MMSI for my AIS transponder
  • Figure out if we should stop by the fuel dock on our way out Saturday morning.  Sure wish I had tank gauges.  (Soon!)

We’re going to head out to Pulau Hantu, where there is apparently some pretty good diving and snorkling; hopefully I can borrow a tank from Hye Seas II, but if not I’ll just snorkle.  Doug is also planning to pick up a snorkle and mask.  Here’s a quick route.  Should be pretty straightforward, although we’ll have to take care around Hantu since low tide is around 11 AM at 1.6m (high is at 4:30 PM, 2.4m).

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I’d like to anchor off the western shore of the island, between the island and a coral reef that looks like it’ll probably have good snorkling.  Probably can’t let out too much scope.  The internet and other sources aren’t very clear, but it does seem like there have been some moorings in the past to protect the coral from anchors, but that they may have been removed a few years ago.  If so I guess we’ll have to anchor.

Enroute to the island (or maybe on the way back) I’d also like to do some testing of the autopilot and possibly recalibrate it, since the last time it was used was during the trip down from Langkawi, when it went crazy (probably due to low voltage).

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