Doug’s here; clinometer; rails; etc

Doug arrived late Thursday night; I picked him up at the airport and later gave him a dead-of-night tour of Oia.  He’ll be hanging out for a while, which I hope will help spur on some boat activity (fixes, improvements, and also trips).  He’s already had some good ideas and noticed a few things I hadn’t, like that the (non-functioning) water foot pump in the middle of the galley floor snaps neatly into place if you push it down and rotate it counterclockwise.  No more stubbing toes!

In between zooming around Singapore for various activities this weekend (F1, sightseeing, dim sum) I did a couple little things.

Got out my cordless drill (after buying some bits since I realized there were only a couple old ones aboard) and installed the cheap-ish clinometer I picked up last week.  It’s not all that nice (I had to glue it back together after it fell apart when I took it out of the box) but it’ll do for now; maybe I’ll get a nicer one later.

Here’s hoping the boat’s never heeled at 60 degrees.

Saturday afternoon I worked on polishing the stanchions and hand rails, which were in dire need of it.  Here’s a before picture:

And here is an after picture:

Unfortunately I ran out of elbow grease in the hot sun and ridiculously onerous humidity.  I only finished about 1/3 of the rails.  I’ll have to continue the job over the course of the week.

Doug delivered a new camera lens for me, so I played with that a little.  I can finally zoom further than 55mm, so I took this photo of the masthead from the deck:

I’d like to go up the mast at some point this week; somehow I haven’t actually been all the way up yet, and if nothing else I at least want to figure out why the main halyard is jammed.

Also, Doug broke out the multimeter yesterday and determined that the broken stereo speaker on the starboard side is getting juice from the stereo; so probably the speaker is dead.  Kind of a pain in the butt to replace, because the bulkhead is specifically cut to the speaker’s size.  It’s possible but unlikely I could find a replacement with the same or very similar form factor.

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