Bali; gelcoat damage; planning

Back at the boat tonight after an extended weekend in Bali.  Charlene and I used my waterproof video camera there a couple times, first to capture the absurdity of a factory-style snorkling tour at Nusa Dua, and then to record some fun at the Waterbom water park in Kuta:

This evening I did a few regular tasks like charging the (still uninstalled) new house batteries and refilling the water tanks.

I noticed one of the fenders has caused some damage to the gelcoat, in the form of a bunch of little scrapes and gouges from a metal clip on the top of the fender.  I think I tied the fender too low, and when the boat hits the fender hard the fender was being tilted toward the boat rather than being compressed.  Will have to get some gelcoat repair supplies.  In the meantime I adjusted the fender so things don’t get worse.

I’m planning to meet with an electrician later this week to go over various stuff and try to get a quote prepared.  We’ll see how that goes.

Doug will be arriving late next week and staying on the boat for a while.  Also, starting in October, I’ll be on a three day work schedule.  So, I’m hoping with our combined powers we can make some progress on a lot of the other random projects that need some attention — stuff like installing some of the new electronics, recalibrating the autopilot, cleaning up the engine, maybe rebedding or upgrading some of the hatches, doing some painting on deck, and so on.  At the very least I’m looking forward to bringing the boat out for a few trips over the next couple months.

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