Back in Singapore; todo list

I’m back in Singapore (although it’s off again to Bali for a long weekend next week).  Oia didn’t sink, and it looks like the dinghy solution prevented further hatch leaks while I was gone.  I bought a couple small random things in the US: a couple NPT-threaded barbed hose couplings so I can use the bronze LPG fittings for the grill; and a nice package of various-colored cable ties, which I’ll probably use to mark the anchor chain.

It’s definitely time to start doing some work on the boat in earnest though.  I’ve got lots of stuff to install (AIS, battery charger, echo~charge, and a new electrical system in general), things to fix (hatch), and a lot of cleaning to do.  The deck needs a thorough scrub, and so does the hull, particularly below the waterline.  I’m thinking of picking up a used BCD and regulator, and renting a scuba tank, to make that job easier now and in the future; asked the divemaster at the shop where I got my scuba license if he has any leads.  The cabin also needs some attention.

Goals for the next week or so:

  • Talk to someone at the Malaysian version of the FCC about how to get an MMSI number for my AIS.
  • Schedule an appointment and sit down with at least one electrician to plan out the electrical system overhaul and get a quote.
  • Give the deck a thorough scrubbing.
  • (Probably) find some used scuba gear; or at least a quick-release weight belt and some weights so I don’t keep bobbing up into the hull whenever I want to work underneath the boat.
  • Clean the entire hull below the waterline.

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    Singaporean gf = slave labour

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