Saloon hatch leak

There was a very heavy rain this morning and I noticed a leak on one of the saloon hatches, dripping onto the couch.  It looks like the leak may require a little deck work since the hatch is bedded.

Unfortunately I didn’t have that kind of time today and won’t be back at the boat until the end of the month so settled for a quick fix just to keep water out of the cabin for now.  Tried some one-part epoxy on the inside of the bedding where the leak is apparent, but it wasn’t holding.  Settled for some strong glue for now, which was still setting when I left for work:

Anticipating that that probably won’t work, and since I probably won’t be around the next time there’s a torrential downpour (pretty much daily in Singapore lately, since it’s monsoon season), I just shifted the upside-down dinghy to cover the hatch, which should hopefully keep it dry until I’m back.

In retrospect I probably should’ve duct taped around the hatch above deck rather than just trying to seal things from the inside, even temporarily, since the water will probably just find a different path.  But hopefully the dinghy will keep things dry for now.

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