Awning; heading to India

I am going to India next week; then I’ll be back for a week; and then I’ll be in NYC for another week after that before returning.

So, I spent some time last night preparing the boat for a bit of an extended absence, cleaning up down below, topping up batteries, running the engine for a little while, and then raising the large awning.

I decided to try something a little different with it this time: reoriented it to lie lengthwise athwartships, and then used a bunch of spare lines to rig it up higher, attaching it to the mast, a couple shrouds, and aft to the supports for the solar panels and to the topping lift.

Here’s a closer view:


  • It’s really ugly.
  • It was a lot harder to rig than simply draping the awning over the boom and tying it down to the stanchions.
  • It does make some difference in the accessibility of the deck to have the awning raised higher.
  • From the front, the awning is open to a lot of air; hopefully there are no problems in case of higher wind.

I’d really like to get some custom Sunbrella awnings made, and also replace the other vinyl canvas (which is old, weather-worn, and mildew prone) with Sunbrella fabric, but there are so many other projects and it’s not exactly a huge priority, so I’ll keep messing around with my existing awnings for now.

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