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I met a couple days ago with two sales guys from Tritex to talk about inverter/chargers and marine air conditioning.

They brought to my attention this Dolphin 80A charger which accepts a nice worldwide voltage range and both 50/60 Hz frequencies, which is really nice and is something I haven’t seen in any inverter/charger.  I’m considering going for this or something like it instead of an inverter/charger that can only handle a small voltage range; it seems more valuable to me to be able to charge batteries wherever I can plug in than it does to have an MSW inverter that I won’t actually use for much.  I do already have a cheap 500W inverter that I can use for basic stuff.

They also presented a couple of marine air conditioning options.  Frankly even the simplest marine air conditioners are kind of insanely expensive: a 12000 BTU/hr self contained unit with an installation kit (some ducting, a seawater pump and strainer, through-hulls, hoses, etc) runs about US$3k — before installation, which requires a haulout.  Altogether it’d probably cost US$4-4.5k.  I think realistically I’ll probably have to put it off for now and just deal with lugging my big, clunky window air conditioner around for a while.

I’m awaiting some quotes from Tritex on a few other alternatives before making any decisions, but then I’ll (hopefully) start moving forward with an electrical system overhaul.


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  1. Doug

    Screw batteries, you should just get one of these instead:


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