HARTS; planning a quick sea trial

I stopped into the dockmaster’s office this morning to ask about Singapore’s HARTS transponder system and whether I’m required to have a transponder on my boat to take it out in Singapore waters.  The answer is yes (although if you have an AIS transponder, which I don’t yet, that’s also acceptable).  Luckily they have a couple HARTS transponders for rent at S$60/3 days, so I rented one.

Technically since Oia‘s not a Singapore-registered yacht I’m actually supposed to clear out of the port and then clear back in later, but they told me I could avoid doing that if I’m just going out for a few hours for a “sea trial”, which I guess is in fact what I’m doing.

The current plan for tomorrow is:

  • In the morning, put on some fins and a snorkle, tie lanyards onto my knife, a brush, a paint scraper, and maybe my waterproof video camera, and go for a swim under the boat to cut off what appears to be part of a fishing net on the prop shaft, then scrub and scrape off some barnacles and grime.  Charlene will supervise, I think.
  • Take a shower because the water in the marina will probably make me sick.
  • Go through the cabin and stow or secure all the random loose stuff that’s lying around.
  • Take down the awnings and stow them.
  • Clean up the cockpit a little, and bring out the shiny new cockpit cushions.
  • Move the air conditioner over to the dock temporarily.
  • Unplug the shore power.
  • Meet Brian, Harish, and Harish’s wife, go over a couple things, and plan a not-too-complicated route.
  • Take the boat out for a spin, and hopefully not have to get towed back into the marina.  I think we’ll just head out for a few hours.  Technically I’m not supposed to raise sails within the port limits, but I’ll probably break that rule at least for a few minutes since I really want to unfurl the sails and take a look at them, and in particular give a tug on the main halyard since I think the sail may have lowered a bit somehow before last being refurled.  I also want to try the autopilot, which was giving us a lot of problems on the trip down from Langkawi.  It may need to be recalibrated, which we can probably do tomorrow if I can figure out how.
  • Hopefully, manage to dock back in the same orientation (stern in) I’m in now.
  • Have a barbecue of some sort.

No doubt it’ll be a tiring day, but I’m pretty excited to bring the boat out again, finally.


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2 Responses to HARTS; planning a quick sea trial

  1. dvjohnston

    How far out does the port boundary extend? Are there no sailing boats that you can see from shore??

    Make sure you try out your reverse gear before you need it! Have fun!

  2. Kris

    Not all that far, maybe 3-4 miles from shore. Generally you don’t see many sailboats from shore, but when we were out there we encountered 4-5, a couple of them keelboat training vessels from some of the classes around here. They were giving us some strange looks, I guess because they were mostly novices suited and lifejacketed up and adhering very strictly to all sorts of rules and roles in their open-sterned Beneteaus, and as we went by we were mostly lazing around in various spots on the deck, haphazard and lifejacketless (it was calm).

    Reverse gear worked fine but I did take your advice and try it before leaving. :) Will post more details later.

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